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News from Gonzalez Byass and Nueva Rumasa 27.10.12
Good News on Sherry Sector fines, and for Garvey, 28.10.12
Beam sells Palacio Domecq 31.10.12
November 2012
6.11.12 Junta invests 2.9m Euros promoting Spanish wine
7.11.12 Pladevi complains about system
7.11.12 57 DO's meet other countries to discuss EU Plantation Rights
8.11.12  21 New Sherry Educators
9.11.12 Palacio Domecq is sold
10.11.12 Estevez signs permanent contract with Covisan
14.11.12 Amid Strikes, Some Good News
16.11.12 Queen in Jerez; More Rumasa Nonsense
19.11.12 Osborne Win Ham Award; Wine Tourism Day
21.11.12 News from Barbadillo
21.11.12 Consejo Push Amo, Palo, Oloroso.  Sherry in Holland
23.11.12 Paco Cepero Launches New Suite at Gonzalez Byass 
26.11.12 FEE to Hold Congress in Jerez
29.11.12 CRDO Takes Reins of Rutas del Vino
29.11.12 Decanter Magazine Praises Sherry
December 2012
8.12.12 October Sales Figures from the Consejo
13.12.12 Three Kings Sherry; Rutas del Vino
15.12.12 The 2013 Harvest; Gonzalez Byass Palmas
17.12.12 Consejo Wants More Money From Bodegas
19.12.12 "Sherry is Over Worst of the Crisis"
20.12.12 Madrid Tio Pepe Sign;  Godfather of the Must
21.12.12  Las Angustias Launches Two Rare Wines
23.12.12 Good News on Tio Pepe Sign
23.12.12 Vinoble Back;  3 Kings Came from Spain
30.12.12  3 Kings Dinner at Gonzalez Byass
January 2013
5.1.13 Students Visit Osborne
6.1.13 New York Times; Wine Spectator; Reyes Magos
7.1.13 Canada Recognises DO Sherry
11.1.13 New President for IWSC
21.1.13 Gonzalez Byass "Sherry Summit"
22.1.13 Sherry Price rises; Lustau Awards; Consejo Tastings
23.1.13 Top Penin Points for Sherry
26.1.13 Sherry Shines at Madrid Fusion
29.1.13 Ex CRDO President "Unfairly Dismissed"; Sherry Sales and Budget 2013
30.1.13 More on Consejo Plenary
February 2013
2.2.13 World Sherry Day
13.2.13 Fake Sherry; Barbadillo; Japanese Venenciadores
23.2.13 Various News Items
March 2013
1.3.13 Sherry Chocolates!!
2.3.13 Valdivia Sale; Ruta de la Tapa
4.3.13 Ruiz Mateos wants to go to Prison
6.3.13 Various Items of News
9.3.13 Vega Sicilia Interested in Sherry;  Rains
14.3.13 New Enotourism Map
19.3.13 Sad News from El Puerto de Santa Maria
22.3.13 CAYDSA Back in Members' Hands
22.3.13 GB Sponsor Holy Week Dessert Competition
27.3.13 Beltran Domecq in London
30.3.13 Council Plans for Fiesta de la Vendimia
April 2013
1.4.13 Sherryfest West; "Cartel" Fines Reduced
2.4.13 Two New Tabancos!
2.4.13 Important Meeting Today in Jerez
3.4.13 Agriculture Minister Supportive of Sherry
6.4.13 Give Sherry!
11.4.13 La Guita Feria Promo.; Sherry and Mrs Thatcher
17.4.13 Solear at the Feria; Castillo Matrero Collapses
17.4.13 High Court Reduces More BOB Fines
23.4.13 Equestrian Tourism Centre?  Vinoble 2014
24.4.13 Help for Small Bodegas;  Feria de la Manzanilla
24.4.13 Latest Tio Pepe En Rama Released
May 2013
5.5.13 Motorcycles and Horses Descend on Jerez
21.5.13 Osborne Profits; Ruta del Vino Logo; Lustau Win Gold; World Sherry Day
21.5.13 Plan Especial de la Campina Jerezana
21.5.13 Asevi Avoids Fine for "Grape Price Fixing"
22.5.13 More on World Sherry Day
24.5.13 Feria de la Manzanilla; Sanlucar and World Sherry Day; Jerez Carousel
24.5.13 Barbadillo and World Sherry Day; Fedejerez Prposes End to Bulk Wine
25.5.13 Archaeology Museum; Real Escuela 40 Years Old; World Sherry day
28.5.13 Fedejerez Wants to Limit Fino Production to Jerez 
28.5.13 Sanlucar Threatens War Over Fino/Manzanilla Proposal
28.5.13 More on the Fino/Manzanilla Polemic
29.5.13 Fedejerez Postpones Voting on Fino/Manzanilla Proposal
30.5.13 Sanlucar Races Poster; Wine Display in El Puerto Tourist Office
31.5.13 Bodegas Barbadillo and the Orden de la Solear
June 2013
4.6.13 Sherry Sales; Tio pepe Sign; Feria de Chiclana
7.6.13 Junta Postpones Fino/Manzanilla Question
8.6.13 Vinoble; Manzanilla Cocktail Competition; Fedejerez
9.6.13 First Organic Manzanilla
11.6.13 What is Jerez Brandy?
11.6.13 Amazing New Book on Sherry in Film
13.6.13 Vineyard Tourism; GB & Instituto Cervantes; Alvaro Domecq; BBC in Jerez
13.6.13 The Brandy Question; Earth Tremors
14.6.13 Gonzalez Byass to Release New Tintilla
15.6.13 Food and Manzanilla Tasting
17.6.13 "Brandy"; Navazos
18.6.13 More trouble for Ruiz Mateos
23.6.13 Cork Harvest; Adriano; Luna de San Juan
25.6.13 Trebujena Power Station; No Space Man for El Puerto; Gutierrez Colosia Tastings
27.6.13 Closure of Feria de la Manzanilla; Manzanilla Exhibition
28.6.13 MasterAwards for Sherry
July 2013
2.7.13 Fiesta de la Vendimia 2013
8.7.13 World Sherry Week; Tastings in Sanlucar
10.7.13 Independent Visits Jerez; El Trovador; Vinoble
14.7.13 Latest on 2013 Harvest
18.7.13 Sad News from Jerez; Harvest 2013
18.7.13 Homage to Shakespeare in Jerez
22.7.13 Sherry Stock Situation; Lustau Win More Medals
24.7.13 Ruta Casas de Vino El Puerto
26.7.13 Great Exhibition at Jerez Museum; Pre-Harvest Consejo Meeting
27.7.13 Osborne's New Museum of Old Wines
30.7.13 Manzanilla...with Fish!
31.7.13 Tio Pepe gets Q Certification; Consejo Meeting
August 2013
1.8.13 Horse Races at Sanlucar Underway
2.8.13 Jerez Candidate for European City of Wine 2014
3.8.13 Eno-gastro Fair Sanlucar; Osborne Crystal Bull; New Book on El Puerto
6.8.13 Increased Mechanisation of Sherry Harvest
8.8.13 Fiesta Buleria; Special Manzanilla Bottles; Harvest Festival
9.8.13 Consejo Agreement with Cadiz University; Harvest; GB Buys US Distributor
14.8.13 BBC in Jerez; New Wine & Salt Museum in Chiclana
19.8.13 7 Kilo Bunch of Grapes!  The Beatles in Jerez?
20.8.13 Latest on Harvest
23.8.13 Limited Sherry to Toast the Poet
24.8.13 Sanlucar Harvest Underway
25.8.13 Harvesting by Night
29.8.13 Wine, Food and Flamenco at Harvest Festival
September 2013
3.9.13 Sponsor a Vine; Ruiz Mateos Brothers Jailed; Wine Reduces Depression?; Estevez Parker Points
4.9.13 Parker Points for Gonzalez Byass
5.9.13 Parker's New Man in Spain; Decanter World Wine Awards; UCA Students to make Wine
8.9.13 Consejo Contributes 50,000 to Vinoble
9.9.13 Parker Points for Barbadillo
12.9.13 Parker Points for Bodegas Dios Baco
13.9.13 Red Wine Harvest in Jerez; Latest Sherry Harvest Figures; Cartoon
14.9.13 Exhibition on History of Sherry at Jerez Library
20.9.13 Andalucia's Place in Wine World; Harvest; Mundus Vini
21.9.13 Great Sherry Tasting; National Lottery Draw in Jerez
21.9.13 Matusalem Oloroso Served at Masters of Wine Banquet
23.9.13 Jerez Has One Bar For Every 158 Citizens
24.9.13 More Sherry Educators
25.9.13 Wine Gang Tastings
26.9.13 European Wine Tourism Day
27.9.13 Three Jerez Bodegas in World Top 100, Mauricio Gonzalez Gordon Dies
30.9.13 Tio Pepe Sign; Barbadillo Nomination
October 2013
1.10.13 Great Sherry Festival
3.10.13 Unique GB Anada; Wines from Spain Awards; Tio Pepe Sherrymaster
4.10.13 Vinoble Dates Changed, Rains Arrive, Consejo Budget
9.10.13 Sherry Cheese; 5th Copa Jerez; Scotch Malt Whisky Society
10.10.13 First Organic Sherry Launching Soon
12.10.13 Equipo Navazos to Receive Award
17.10.13 V Copa Jerez Has a Winner!
24.10.13 Two New Publications: Beltran Domecq, Hot Rum Cow
25.10.13 Tio pepe Sculpture; European City of Wine 2014
27.10.13 El Puerto's 1st Ruta del Mosto
31.10.13 Sherry Events in Seville, Sanlucar and Jerez
November 2013
4.11.13 More Medals for Barbadillo; "Spain Bars" in Japan
5.11.13 GastroCadiz; Cycle Round Bodegas and Vineyards
6.11.13 Cadiz May Disappear
7.11.13 Sherry Takes Off in US; Jerez City Centre Improvement Conference
9.11.13 XVIII Fino Days in El Puerto
11.11.13 Sherry Exports
15.11.13 Sherry and Tweets; GB Palmas Release 2013
16.11.13 Jerez Has Done It! European City Of Wine 2014!
20.11.13 Medina Family Now Owns 100% of Williams and Humbert
25.11.13 Tio Pepe Sign; New Look for Canasta Cream
26.11.13 Attempted Theft of Osborne Bull; New Art Installation in Jerez
29.11.13 International Sherry Week; Gastronomes Visit Gonzalez Byass
December 2013
1.12.13 The "Sherry Chef" Gets Another Michelin Star
3.12.13 New Wine Celebrated in Sanlucar
8.12.13 Chiclana Wines; Day of the Must near Jerez
11.12.13 Lustau Wins Another Award
13.12.13 Flamenco Fashion Show 2014; Vendimia Posters at Consejo
18.12.13 New Sherry Cheese; Peter O'Toole in Jerez
28.12.13 Various Items of News
29.12.13 Sherry Cosmetics; Jerez Olive Oil
January 2014
2.1.14 Apostoles Best Wine in China; El Torta Dies; Grant for Chiclana
12.1.14 Fascinating Roman Exhibition in Jerez
14.1.14 Suntory Buys Beam
16.1.14 Tio Pepe Roundabout; Mayor Visits La Guita; State of Old Diez Merito Bodega
25.1.14 Jerez-Sydney Tasting; Fitur; Barbadillo Prize; Guia Penin; Guinness Venencia Record
29.1.14 Consejo Budget Increase
30.1.14 Barbie at Gonzalez Byass; Domecq to Visit China
February 2014
1.2.14 Erotic Tapas Route
3.2.14 Manzanilla Slows Sherry sales on Spanish Market
5.2.14 Even Locals Drink Little Sherry; New Sanchez Romate Bottles
8.2.14 Gonzalez Byass Turnover Up 10%
13.2.14 Toast to City of Wine; GB Deal; Ruiz Mateos; US Navy in Rota; Weather
14.2.14 Barbadillo Fine Reduced
15.2.14 Horse Events in Sanlucar
18.2.14 Gonzalez Byass is Best Visitor Centre 2014; XVIII Festival de Jerez Starts Soon
19.2.14 Iberoamerican Summit; VI Copa de Jerez; Toast to Jerez
23.2.14 Thousands Toast Jerez
27.2.14 World Mourns Paco de Lucia; Toast to Andalucia Day
March 2014
3.3.14 Chiclana's Wine and Salt Museum
11.3.14 Tasting; Tabanco; Feria; Brandy; Estevez/Covisan
21.3.14 Gold for Jerez; Pasion; Madrid Sherry Festival
22.3.14 Latest on Tio Pepe Roundabout; Possible Tax on Spanish Wine
27.3.14 Al Andalus Train; Jerez Kids to Learn Wine Culture; Russians Visit Lustau
29.3.14 Tio Pepe Sign Nearly Ready
30.3.14 Marida Jerez - New Tourist Agency
April 2014
5.4.14 De Brindis con Brandy de Jerez
8.4.14 International Sherry Week; New Jerez App; Semana Santa
9.4.14 Education for Sanlucar Youth; Madrid Sherry Festival; Prizes for GB and Beltran Domecq
9.4.14 The Big Fortified Tasting
11.4.14 Vinos de Espana, una Pasion
14.4.14 Sandeman Donates Historic Documents to Municipal Archive
17.4.14 Apostoles Wins prize; Tio Pepe Sculpture
18.4.14 Feria de la Manzanilla
21.4.14 Tio Pepe Sign Back Tomorrow!
23.4.14 Tio Pepe is Back!
25.4.14 Fino Quinta Feria Labels; El Puerto Feria
29.4.14 Sherry and Tapas; Feria de la Manzanilla
May 2014
2.5.14 Obama Drinks Sherry with Emperor of Japan
5.5.14 Vinoble; Julian Jeffs; Feria de Sevilla; Moto GP Jerez
7.5.12 Hidalgo Tasting; Award for Beltran Domecq; New Bodega for Tradicion; Antique Fino
13.5.14 Osborne Results; Feria in Jerez; New Manzanilla Initiatives
14.5.14 International Sherry Week; More Medals for Lustau
16.5.14 Oenologists' Conference in Jerez
26.5.14 Sherry Heads Andaluz Wine Sales; Vinoble; Osborne News
29.5.14 London Sherry Dinner; Vinoble Results; Yet Another Medal for Lustau Oenologist
31.5.14 International Sherry Week - Are YOU Ready?; Essential Sherry and Tapas
June 2014
5.6.14 GB online Tastings; Sanlucar Horseracing
6.6.14 Sherry Week a Huge Success
9.6.14 Another Sherryfest
18.6.14 The Mystery of Palo Cortado
24.6.14 Sherryfest San Francisco Huge Success
27.6.14 UK Journalists in Jerez; Sherry Wins Gold
July 2014
1.7.14 Feria del Brandy de Jerez
4.7.14 Gonzalez Byass Unveil New Kind of Whisky
5.7.14 Gomzalez Byass Tintilla de Rota Wins Award
7.7.14 First News on the 2014 Sherry Harvest
12.7.14 Fiesta de la Vendimia 2014
17.7.14 Lustau Oenologist Award; Balbaina Vineyard Walks; Tio Pepe Roundabout
18.7.14 Fernando de Castilla Award; Osborne in Chinese Deal
22.7.14 Harvest Festival Poster; Good Results at Williams & Humbert
25.7.14 Another Award for Lustau Oenologist; Vuelta Ciclista a Espana
27.7.14 Table Wine Harvest Under Way in Jerez
29.7.14 I Tio Pepe Festival
30.7.14 Tio Pepe Roundabout; Sherry Sales 1st Semester 2014
31.7.14 Great Sherry Tasting; Consejo Budget
August 2014
2.8.14 Latest on 2014 Harvest; Ciclo Cultural Caballero
4.8.14 More About Sherry in the Media
8.8.14 Documentary on the British in Jerez Being Filmed
11.8.14 Various Items of News
12.8.14 Chiclana Sherry Roundabout; Gonzalez Byass Harvesting
17.8.14 Chiclana Salt Pans; Gonzalez Byass Night Harvesting
18.8.14 Tio Pepe Roundabout Inaugurated
26.8.14 Vendimia; Huge Bunch of Grapes; Vuelta a Espana; Horseracing Sanlucar
27.8.14 Fiesta de la Buleria; Alcazar Tastings
29.8.14 Harvest Approaching Completion
31.8.14 Sherrymaster II; Tintilla de Rota
September 2014
10.9.14 Harvest Estimate Revised Upwards; Watch Grape Treading
13.9.14 Harvest Figures 2014
15.9.14 First Organic Sherry in 2015
18.9.14 Great Sherry Tasting Huge Success; Sherry Festival 2014
20.9.14 Jerez Feria Dates Announced
23.9.14 Sanlucar Students Tread the Grapes; Spain on Weather Alert
25.9.14 Jerez Triples Press Presence
27.9.14 Delgado Zuleta Launch Table Wine
29.9.14 Gonzalez Byass Best Spanish Bodega and 6th in World
October 2014
1.10.14 Lots of News Today!
5.10.14 Bodegas Not happy with Junta Proposals
5.10.14 Jerez Now has over 600 Sherry Educators
6.10.14 Manzanilla Should be Served from the Bottle
8.10.14 Jerez Benefits Most from Vineyard Grants
8.10.14 Awards for Fernando de Castilla
10.10.14 Beltran Domecq Tasting, New App at Tio Pepe
12.10.14 Decanter Magazine Sherry Recommendations
14.10.14 Tabanco San Pablo Celebrates 80 Years
16.10.14 New Sherry Book Published Today
21.10.14 Ruta del Mosto; Sherry Lecture Cadiz; Consejo Budget
24.10.14 European Wine Tourism Day in Jerez
November 2014
1.11.14 Japanese Venenciadores; VI Copa Jerez; VI European Day Of Wine Touris
4.11.14 Sherry Sales to End September
14.11.14 Manzanilla's 50th Anniversary
14.11.14 Press Release for Julian Jeffs' New Edition of Classic "Sherry"
18.11.14 XIX Fino Days; Organic Wine Seminar
21.11.14 Tsunami in Cadiz? New Book about Jose Estevez
24.11.14 Offer Received for Bodegas Valdivia
24.11.14 La Gitana Sponsors Cards Championship
25.11.14 European City of Wine Moves to Portugal; Jerez World Capital of Motorcycling
28.11.14 Manzanilla Solear in Wine Spectator Top 100
December 2014
7.12.14 About Sherry Consumers; Vinoble 2016
11.12.14 Gonzalez Byass join Grandes Pagos de Espana
22.12.14 Tokyo Celebrates 50th Anniversary of DO Manzanilla
28.12.14 Gonzalez Byass Launches 2014 Palmas
January 2015
2.1.15 Death of Zoilo Ruiz Mateos is Announced
7.1.15 Sherry on Screen - Again
13.1.15 Gonzalez Byass Wins High Parker Scores
14.1.15 Faustino Gonzalez 91 Parker Points; Consejo Elections
16.1.15 Equipo Navazos Win 100 Parker Points
18.1.15 Bodegas Collantes Win Parker Points
19.1.15 Earthquakes and Bad Weather Hit Cadiz
21.1.15 Cadiz University; Jerez Euromillions Win
22.1.15 Feria Poster; Consejo 80th Anniversary
27.1.15 Manzanilla at Enofusion; Consejo Asks for More Money
28.1.15 The Bodegas Double Promotion Contribution
29.1.15 Jerez World Capital of Motorcycling
30.1.15 Guia Penin in Jerez
February 2015
2.2.15 Latest Sherry Sales Figures
9.2.15 Wine Export Figures Andalucia 2014
13.2.15 Ruiz Mateos; El Misterio del Palo Cortado
14.2.15 Bar Juanito; Flamenco & Sherry Experience
16.2.15 Flamenco, Sherry, Tapas in Edinburgh
18.2.15 Consejo Awarded Medalla de la Provincia
22.2.15 Amazing New Restaurant in Jerez
24.2.15 Another Award for Gonzalez Byass; Oliver Hardy in Jerez; Interesting Figures
26.2.15 Gonzalez Byass 2014 Results; Harold Lloyd in Jerez
28.2.15 beltran Domecq - "Sherry Vineyards Need More Focus"; Feliz Dia de Andalucia!
March 2015
2.3.15 Aecovi in Receivership
16.3.15 Terry Pratchett and Sherry; Problems for Joaquin Rivero
22.3.15 Williams & Humbert Completes its Sound Track
24.3.15 Manuel Maria Gonzalez Gordon's Memoirs to be Published
30.3.15 A Brewery in Jerez; Unusual New Wine Bar in Barbate
30.3.15 Sherry Boosts Promotion in Spain but Suffers Cuts in Public Funding
31.3.15 Tradicion Wins Gran Bacchus de Oro; Anniversary Manzanilla Tasting in Sevilla
31.3.15 Top Chef Opens "Laboratory" in El Puerto
31.3.15 Garvey "Regains" the Garvey Brands
April 2015
2.4.15 Probable New Owner of Garvey: Promontoria
9.4.15 VI Copa de Jerez Final in June; Hugh Hudson Visits Jerez
12.4.15 Fedejerez Repeats Warning Against Bag in Box
18.4.15 27 More Sherry Educators; Giant Tio Pepe Bottles; Feria de la Manzanilla 2015
19.4.15 Potential EU Funding Cut Worries Jerez
23.4.15 Tio Pepe en Rama 2015 is Launched
26.4.15 Barcelona to Host Sherry Festival
29.4.15 Gonzalez Byass Sherry Summit
May 2015
1.5.15 The Biggest Osborne Bull in History
3.5.15 Consejo Showcase Nearly Ready; Tio Pepe Tower to be Re-modelled
5.5.15 International Wine Challenge Awards for Sherry
6.5.15 Orson Welles; Bullfighting at Real Tesoro; Facelift for Tio Mateo
7.5.15 A Beach - in Jerez?
11.5.15 Feria del Caballo; 9m Lottery Win
13.5.15 Estevez to Make 100% Jerez Brandy
15.5.15 PX Noe Wins Gran Oro
23.5.15 Medals for Sherry; Palo Cortado Film
24.5.15 International Wine Challenge Results 2015
25.5.15 Tio Pepe Festival 2015
28.5.15 New Sherry Promotion Centre Opens at Consejo
30.5.15 Consejo 80th Anniversary Programme; VI Copa Jerez Final
June 2015
4.6.15 Feria de la Manzanilla
6.6.15 Record Medal Haul for Dos Cortados
7.6.15 New Campaign Against Bag-in-Box
10.6.15 American Restaurant Wins VI Copa Jerez
11.6.15 American Professor in Jerez
12.6.15 Goyatherapy; Prize for Tradicion; Barbadillo Label Exhibition
15.6.15 Decanter World Wine Awards 2015
16.6.15 60 Years of Pioneering Research at Gonzalez Byass
18.6.15 Ruiz Mateos Jailed; Harley Heaven; Jerez Cultura y Vino;Ruta Website; La Goya Cocktails
19.6.15 Jerez Beach Cancelled
22.6.15 The Consejo Forecasts a Harvest Similar to Last Year
23.6.15 Probably the Best Manzanilla in the World
24.6.15 Dia de la Manzanilla; Civil Guard Impound Falsified Sherry
25.6.15 Zarcillo Awards 2015
26.6.15 Delgado Zuleta Invest in the Future
27.6.15 Ruiz Mateos Home; Sherryfest New York
30.6.15 Aecovi Administration
July 2015
1.7.15 Sherry Cask Fever
4.7.15 New UK Source of Interesting Sherry
5.7.15 First 100% Jerez Sherry
8.7.15 Consejo Anniversary Celebrations; Tradicion CZ
12.7.15 Sanlucar Mayor Pro BIB; Latest on Harvest
13.7.15 Jerez has new Gastronomic Ambassador
14.7.15 Decanter Sherry Selection; Cooperatives to Join Forces
15.7.15 Seminar in Valladolid; "Uncorking Old Sherry"
16.7.15 Sherry Tastings in London
17.7.15 Fedejerez Attacks Sanlucar Mayor; Vodka Made from Sherry
19.7.15 High Temperatures Make for Early Harvest
21.7.15 Junta Inspects BIB Bodegas; Manuel Lozano Does it Again
22.7.15 Chipiona Festival de Moscatel; Sherry in Top 20 World Wineries
22.7.15 80th Anniversary Conference at Consejo
23.7.15 Jerez Wine and Brandy Routes Doing Well
24.7.15 Grape Prices; Culture in El Puerto; Racing & Flamenco in Sanlucar
28.7.15 Highest Points for Sherry in Guia Penin 2016; Awards for Williams & Humbert
29.7.15 Don't Call it Sherry, Call it Jerez
30.7.15 More Awards for Sherry
August 2015
Harvest Ever More Mechanised
12.8.15 Fiesta de la Buleria 2015
13.8.15 New Ruta Website; Harvest Latest; Ruta Tabancos; Venencia World Record
14.8.15 Harvest Festival 2015
15.8.15 First Half Sherry Sales
16.8.15 Harvest Underway; Homage to Shakespeare
20.8.15 Harvest 2015; Tintilla Festival
21.8.15 Harvesting at Barbadillo and Gonzalez Byass
29.8.15 Vineyard Tourism; More on Harvest
30.8.15 Napoleon Sherry Fetches £25,000 at Auction
September 2015
3.9.15 Gastronomy in El Puerto; Cork Harvest
6.9.15 Jose Maria Ruiz Mateos Seriously Ill
7.9.15 Ruiz Mateos Dies; New Consejo Website
8.9.15 Consejo Vintage Report 2015
9.9.15 Treading of the Grape
10.9.15 It's All Happening in Jerez!
12.9.15 Fiesta Gastronomica; Sherrymaster
19.9.15 V Great Sherry Tasting
20.9.15 Putin & Berlusconi Criticised for Drinking 1775 Sherry
22.9.15 Ruiz Mateos Will Embargoed; Paternity Suit
24.9.15 Guitar made from Sherry Butt
25.9.15 Interesting New Sherry from Romate
29.9.15 Viticulturalist Explains how to make Unfortified Fino
30.9.15 Consejo Meeting on BIB; "Red Duchess" Archive
October 2015
8.10.15 Four Sherry Bodegas in World's 100 Best
9.10.15 Today Anniversary of Jerez Liberation
10.10.15 BIB Producers Seek Support of the Junta; V Most Wine Film Festival
15.10.15 Fino Imperial Best Generoso
18.10.15 Buyer Found for Bodegas Valdivia
20.10.15 Williams & Humbert Logo
25.10.15 Gold Medal for Canasta Cream
26.10.15 Junta Declares Bag in Box Illegal
28.10.15 The Mosto Season has Arrived!
29.10.15 Trafalgar Sherry 1805
30.10.15 BIB Manzanilla?
30.10.15 Sanlucar Bodegas: "We Wont be Trampled on"
31.10.15 "No Wine in BIB is Manzanilla"
November 2015
1.11.15 More Top Scores for Williams & Humbert
2.11.15 Evaristo Babe Explains BIB Situation
4.11.15 Sherry Symposium
6.11.15 BIB Rebels Respond to Fedejerez; XX Jornadas del Vino Fino
12.11.15 XX Festival de Jerez
14.11.15 Sherry Week; Rumasa
17.11.15 Gonzalez Byass Palmas 2015 Released
19.11.15 Vega Sicilia Wanted Sherry
20.11.15 Brandy Cheese; More on BIB
21.11.15 Junta Appeals for Dialogue
23.11.15 BIB War Hots Up; Consejo Event in Madrid
25.11.15 Consejo Urges Junta to Act
27.11.15 Eight Decades of DO
27.11.15 It All Began With Fraud
27.11.15 Irene Garcia Supports Sanlucar
27.11.15 Armando Guerra at Barbadillo
27.11.15 Gremio de la Vinateria v Consejo regulador
28.11.15 La Guita en rema, Lacum Dulce and Vino en Rama Launched
28.11.15 IWSC Awards for Sherry 2015
28.11.15 The Multinationals were Never Interested in Sherry
28.11.15 The Ins & Outs of the Bodega City Project
28.11.15 Harvesting: From Knife to Machine
28.11.15 "Sherry" a Term in Constant Crisis
29.11.15 BIB: History is Repeating Itself
29.11.15 Re-invention is the Key to the Future
30.11.15 Sherry Goes to the Cinema
30.11.15 Harveys, Terry, Fundador Sold
December 2015
1.12.15 Cesar Saldana on Sherry Symposium
2.12.15 Emperador: "A New Era"
2.12.15 Japan Loves Fino & Manzanilla
5.12.15 More High Scores for Williams & Humbert
7.12.15 Jerez Christmas Lights Switched On
9.12.15 Consejo Figures Jan-Oct 2015 - Markets
9.12.15 Consejo Figures Jan-Oct 2015 - Styles
10.12.15 AECOVI Asset Sale; Feliz Cumpleanos El Pasaje!
11.12.15 Luis Caballero Restructures; Mosto Competition Results
12.12.15 Babe Re-elected Fedejerez President
12.12.15 Some News Shorts
13.12.15 Jerez Takes in Emperador Takeover
14.12.15 Sherry Website Change
19.12.15 Consejo Publishes Best Tapa & Sherry Bar Guide
23.12.15 Many Awards for Harveys
30.12.15 Barbadillo Launch Solear en rama Winter 2015; Agujetas
January 2016
6.1.16 Manzanilla Rebels Publish Manifesto
7.1.16 Junta Allows BIB for Horeca
13.1.16 Gonzalez Byass Tweaks Packaging; Fedejerez Wants End to BIB; Magellan Ship
15.1.16 Yuste Re-launches Pedro Romero Brands
16.1.16 Junta Declares BIB Legal for Horeca
21.1.16 New Rules for Consejos Reguladores
22.1.16 Events in Sanlucar
22.1.16 Mosto Sanlucar; Japanese Venencia Winner
23.1.16 Fedejerez Proposes New Strategy
26.1.16 Consejo Meeting; Penin Tasting
27.1.16 Fedejerez Proposal Approved
28.1.16 #winelover to Visit Jerez; Earthquake
29.1.16 Manzanilla Rebels Call for Dialogue
30.1.16 W&H Hosts Debate on Tartessos, Mauricio Gonzalez Gordon Wins Award
February 2016
3.2.16 Graham Hines Retires
7.2.16 Yuste Buys Argueso
8.2.16 New Bertola Labels
9.2.16 Tapateando! Pasarela Flamenca
10.2.16 Consejo Elections to be Held 29 April
12.2.16 Important Debate on Sherry's Position
13.2.16 Osborne to Open Restaurant/Shop
15.2.16 Junta Wants Technical Reasons for BIB Rejection
16.2.16 Prize for Josep Roca; Jerez to Visit Japan
17.2.16 New Jerez Restaurant; Antonio Flores Personality of the Year
19.2.16 Matusalem Best Fortified Wine in Japan
22.2.16 Barbadillo Releases £8,000 Sherry
25.2.16 BIB Information Day; More on Versos 1891
29.2.16 Sherry Tasting in Cataluna
March 2016
2.3.16 The "Emperor" of Branty Takes Possession of Domecq
4.3.16 Manzanilla Rebels Seek Public Support
5.3.16 Espinosa Family Buys Diez Merito; BIB Handbag
6.3.16 Possible Buyer for Garvey?
9.3.16 Gold for Delgado Zuleta
10.3.16 Diez Merito to Move Production Plant; I Andaluz Cork Forum
11.3.16 Juan Gil Looking to Invest in Jerez; New Barbadillo Table Wine
12.3.16 New Sherry Educators; Gonzalez Byass Buys Rias Baixas Bodega
16.3.16 Another Medal for Williams & Humbert
17.3.16 Castilla-La Mancha President Visits Jerez
18.3.16 Sherry Festival Valencia; Earth Hour
22.3.16 Vinoble 2016; Tio Pepe Recognition
25.3.16 BIB Manzanilla Wins Medal
29.3.16 GB Shows Bloggers Retinto Beef; Solear Spring Saca
30.3.16 Feria del Caballo 2016
31.3.16 Consejo Hosts Cheese Fair, Cayetano del Pino Bohorquez Dies
April 2016
1.4.16 Osborne's Toro Gallery; EU Investment in Jerez
2.4.16 Sherry 6th Most Covered DO in Press
3.4.16 Things Are Looking Up
5.4.16 Award for International Sherry Week; Tio Pepe en rama 2016
6.4.16 I Muestra del Fino y de la Manzanilla
7.4.16 The "Sherry Revolution" to Visit Madrid
8.4.16 Williams & Humbert Launch More Anadas
8.4.16 Estevez Opts for 100% Jerez
10.4.16 International Sherry Week Wins Award
14.4.16 Consejo Watching for BIB at Ferias
15.4.16 Mauricio Gonzalez Gordon Elected Caballero
16.4.16 Equipo Navazos 10th Anniversary Releases; Barbadillo Sells Ham Interests
20.4.16 Yuste BIB; Osborne Beer; Feria de la Manzanilla
21.4.16 A Very Thirsty Feria de Sevilla
22.4.16 Yuste Responds to Consejo Denouncement Report
23.4.16 Jerez Moto GP; BIB Polemic
25.4.16 Big Fortified Tasting
26.4.16 Manuel Lozano Dies; Sherry at Alimentaria; Prize for Arfe
27.4.16 Lustau Launches Tres en Rama Saca 2016
29.4.16 Sherry Beer From Jerez
May 2016
4.5.16 Jerez Second Most Visited Wine Route
6.5.16 Jerez Feria Figures; Vinoble
9.5.16 Torrential Rain; New Delgado Zuleta Website
10.5.16 High Parker Scores for Williams & Humbert
10.5.16 Feria Fino sales; Osborne Results
11.5.16 Earthquake; Rick Stein
11.5.16 International Wine Challenge Sherry Results 2016
12.5.16 Top Ten Myths about Sherry; Flamenco Legend's House Opened to the Public
12.5.16 Jerez is off to New York; New Williams & Humbert Lecture
13.5.16 Consejo Hopes TTIP Will Not Harm Sherry
13.5.16 I Salon de los Vinos Generosos
18.5.16 Trophy Results from International Wine Challenge
22.5.16 Luis Perez  Lecture at W & H Ciclo de Conferencias
22.5.16 Amazing Parker Scores for Sherry
22.5.16 Williams & Humbert in Japan
22.5.16 Osborne Wins Prize for Bulls
24.5.16 Gonzalez Byass Launch Vermouth; Feria de la Manzanilla
25.5.16 Distillery Proposal Gains Support
26.5.16 Chiclana Feria: Chiclana Wine
29.5.16 Vinoble: New Wines from Harveys, Barbadillo; Corpus Christi
June 2016
1.6.16 Vinoble Pays tribute to Manuel Lozano; The Flor Show No. 1
1.6.16 Palo Cortado at Vinoble; III Tio Pepe Festival
1.6.16 Vinoble Snippets
3.6.16 Agreement Reached over Sale of Garvey; New Sherry Launches
4.6.16 Vinoble 2016; New Consejo Labels; Estevez Award VII Copa Jerez
5.6.16 Mildew Attacks Sherry Vineyards
7.6.16 Diez-Merito Appoints Sherry Women Honorary Ambassadors
8.6.16 Mildew Likely to Reduce Harvest; Fiesta de la Vendimia
13.6.16 Sherry Festival UK
13.6.16 Sherry in Shakespeare's Day
15.6.16 Sherry and Cork; MW Exam Sherry; Decanter Awards
16.6.16 Unusual Sherries Music Competition; Evaristo babe Re-elected
17.6.16 Junta Upholds BIB Appeal, Sanlucar Gin; Yodo en Rama
18.6.16 Scotland's First Sherry Bar!
22.6.16 Mildew Update; Award for Sherry Cellar-masters
23.6.16 World's Best Wine List 2016
23.6.16 Counter Offer for Garvey; Tio Pepe and the Guadalete; Possible Strike?
25.6.16 Consejo Worried about Potential Effect of Brexit; GB Buys Bodega in Chile
27.6.16 Ex Pedro Romero Director Charged with Fraud
29.6.16 Very High Points for Williams & Humbert
29.6.16 More Points for Sherry, Lustau Appoints New Oenologist, Goya XL
30.6.16 Jerez Girl Wins Masterchef; Dia de la Manzanilla
July 2016
1.7.16 Beltran Domecq Re-elected Consejo President; Estevez Launches Table Wine
5.7.16 Medals for Sherry at IWSC
6.7.16 Piano Recital at Williams & Humbert
7.7.16 Emperador Wins Battle for Garvey
8.7.16 Emperador Will Retain Most of Garvey Staff; Mexico Mega-Tasting
9.7.16 Antonio Flores IWC Best Fortified Winemaker
10.7.16 Brexit Threatens Sherry Sales in UK
14.7.16 Sherry Prepares for Climate Change
17.7.16 Sherries Obama Missed; Jerez to be Twinned with Reims?
19.7.16 Lustau Wis Len Evans Trophy; Great Sherry Tasting
20.7.16 Sherry on Top
24.7.16 Jerez Coops May Join D Coop
25.7.16 Consejo Predicts Smaller Harvest; Fedejerez Re-joins FEV
27.7.16 Fundador Improves Wine Tourism Offer; Promotional Aid for Sherry
27.7.16 Masterchef Winner Visits Consejo
29.7.16 Beltran Domecq: All Styles of Sherry
30.7.16 Sherry Still Top in Guia Penin 2017; Japanese Wine Experts Visit Jerez
August 2016
1.8.16 X Anniversary of Ruta del Vino y Brandy de Jerez
1.8.16 International Sherry Week Event Registration Now Open
3.8.16 XXVI Ciclo Cultural Caballero; Sanlucar Horse Races
6.8.16 Latest on Harvest in Sanlucar; Wines from Spain Awards
12.8.16 Harvest About to Begin
18.8.16 The Harvest Has Begun
19.8.16 Osborne Open Toro Tapas
20.8.16 Estevez Invests in Equipment; Barbadillo Begins Harvest
22.8.16 Jerez Pays Homage to Shakespeare
23.8.16 Death of Antonio Paez Lobato; Harvest in Sanlucar; Verema's Best Sherries
29.8.16 Fiesta de la Vendimia in El Puerto; IV Edition Tio Pepe Sherrymaster
31.8.16 Latest on Harvest in Sanlucar
September 2016
1.9.16 Harvest Reaches Half Way Point; Fiesta de la Vendimia Begins
6.9.16 La Pisa de la Uva 2016; Japanese Visitor
9.9.16 Latest on Harvest
12.9.16 Industrial Action in Jerez? Global Fortified Masters
14.9.16 Premios Solera; Harvest Figures; Great Sherry Tasting
16.9.16 Union Protests Set For 26th September
17.9.16 Impressive Sales Growth for Wines from Cadiz
19.9.16 Death Announced of Joaquin Rivero; Harvest 2016 All but Finished
21.9.16 La Taperia Fundador; Fedejerez Responds to Unions
23.9.17 TTIP Protection for Sherry Might Not Happen
25.9.16 A New Era for Sherry
26.9.16 New Sherry Restaurant in Madrid; Channel 5 Filming in Jerez
26.9.16 First of Union Demonstrations; Sherry Educator Course
28.9.16 Celebration at Williams & Humbert; Salon Guia Penin 2017
29.9.16 Sherry Export Value Up 14%; Convenio Protests
October 2016
7.10.16 New Saca of Manzanilla Entusiastica; Sherry Workers call for Strike
8.10.16 The Ritz to Represent UK in Copa Jerez
11.10.16 Fantastic Score for Amontillado Jalifa
17.10.16 Fedejerez Fails to Prevent Strike; Sherry Sales Grow
19.10.16 Sherry Strike Begins; Award for Antonio Flores
20.10.16 Strike Begins to Bite
21.10.16 More on Strike; Coops Look to Join Dcoop
22.10.16 Latest on Strike
23.10.16 Only Barbadillo Supports Fedejerez in Sanlucar
25.10.16 Gonzalez Byass Best Spanish Bodega in the World; Strike Latest
26.10.16 Awards for Ruta del Vino y del Brandy de Jerez; Protest March
28.10.16 Barbadillo Accedes to Convenio
29.10.16 Agreement Reached over Strike
30.10.16 Workers Ratify Deal with Fedejerez
November 2016
4.11.16 Gonzalez Byass Release 2016 Palmas; Chiclana's New Wine & Salt Museum
5.11.16 Bag in Box Affair Not Quite Over Yet; Wine Technology Centre
6.11.16 Consejo Acts Quickly Over BIB Ban; International Sherry Week Starts Tomorrow!
8.11.16 Winner of Copa Jerez Spanish Heat
10.11.16 Manzanilla Rebels Want Separate Consejo Regulador
11.11.16 Consejo & Fedejerez Reject Independent Sanlucar Consejo
12.11.16 New Label for Consejo Generic Sherry
13.11.16 Consejo Worries about Trump Victory
16.11.16 Manzanilla Rebels Claim Their Survival is at Stake
18.11.16 Sherry Week Huge Success
24.11.16 Sherry Wants Same Tax Treatment as Other Wines
30.11.16 La Gitana Ignores BIB Prohibition; Donana in Danger
December 2016
2.12.16 Pedro Domecq Name to Reappear
2,12,16 Manzanilla Raises Funds for Mentally Handicapped; Festive Sherry
3.12.16 Madrid Raises Tax on Sherry and Brandy
3.12.16 Domecq Brand Purchase Wecomed; Winners I Premios Solera
4.12.16 Results of the III Concurso de Mostos
5.12.16 Renaissance of Sherry Has Not Reached Vineyards
9.12.16 Gallo Azul Sold; Zambombas
9.12.16 International Wine Challenge 2017 1st Tranche Sherry Results
13.12.16 Gonzalez Byass to Open Hotel
13.12.16 Great Idea from Sherry Boutique
17.12.16 Fedejerez Optimistic Despite Obstacles
21.12.16 Delgado Zuleta Release 2nd Saca of Entusiastico
23.12.16 Williams & Humbert Launch Canasta 20 Years Old VOS
26.12.16 Bodegas produce Sherry for Charity
27.12.16 UK "Save Santa's Sherry" Campaign
28.12.16 Gonzalez Byass Joins Wineries for Climate Protection
January 2017
9.1.17 Sherry Firms Some of the Oldest in Spain
12.1.17 Sherry and Champagne to be Twinned
13.1.17 Jerez Events Calendar 2017
15.1.17 Sherry Making Headway Again in UK Sales; Prize for Tio Pepe en Rama
16.1.17 The Resurgence of Cayetano del Pino
17.1.17 Jerez Feria del Caballo 2017
18.1.17 Nueva Rumasa Fraud Case; High Court Upholds Ban on BIB
20.1.17 Grupo Emperador Completes Purchase of Garvey
24.1.17 Sherry Sales Grow Over 3% in Spain
25.1.17 Delgado Zuleta Appoints New Technical Director; Latest from Osborne
26.1.17 Guia Penin Tasters in Jerez; Fortified Masters Sherry Results
27.1.17 Sherry Captivates Guia Penin Tasters
31.1.17 Barbadillo Relaunch Old Treasures
February 2017
1.2.17 Consejo Introduces Minimum One Year Cask Seasoning
2.2.17 Consejo to Ask Brussels About Unfortified Sherry; Sherry Week 2017
4.2.17 New Brandy Research project; Ruiz Mateos Mansion For Sale
6.2.17 Universo Santi to Open Soon
9.2.17 Consejo Seeks to Enhance Communication
10.2.17 Whisky and Sherry Come Together at Gonzalez Byass
11.2.17 Sherry Casks Now Used for Gin
14.2.17 La Guita Launch 2017 Kit de Picoteo
16.2.17 Europe Prepares Strategy to Protect Wine Origins in US
17.2.17 Lecture on 1st Circumnavigation at Consejo
20.2.17 Optimism in the Brandy Sector
25.2.17 Sherry Leads the Trend for Higher Prices
26.2.17 New Range of Top Quality Sherry Launched
27.2.17 Dock Strike Threatens Sherry Shipments
March 2017
3.3.17 Mundus Vini Sherry Results; New Tio Pepe Experience
4.3.17 Brandy de Jerez Shines in Madrid
5.3.17 New Uses for Old Bodegas
9.3.17 Jerez Cooperatives Discuss Integration
12.3.17 Bodegas Fundador, the First Year
13.3.17 Good Wine Tourism Figures for Jerez
14.3.17 Sherry Shines in Bacchus Competition
18.3.17 Universo Santi Staff Sherry Training
22.3.17 Fundador Goes Organic
23.3.17 Osborne Digitalise Archive; Rise in Premium Sherry Sales Predicted
25.3.17 Gonzalez Byass Launch Fino La Cala
28.3.17 Ruta del Vino y Brandy de Jerez to Incorporate Vineyards
30.3.17 IV Tio Pepe Festival 2017
31.3.17 Gonzalez Byass and Fundador Close Domecq Deal
April 2017
7.4.17 Copa Jerez Becomes Top International Gastronomic Forum; UK Sherry Festival
8.4.17 Vinoble 2018 Dates Announced; More Medals for Sherry
11.4.17 Various Interesting Snippets of News
12.4.17 More Single Cask Lustau Sherries
20.4.17 Growers Worried about Weather
22.4.17 Wine Route Most Visited in Spain; New La Guita/Covisan Agreement
26.4.17 Tio Pepe en rama 2017 Launched
29.4.17 New Lustau Amontillado for Aponiente
May 2017
6.5.17 New Jerez Beer Aged in Sherry Butts
11.5.17 Lustau Launches New White Vermouth
13.5.17 Jornadas de La Sal y El Estero, Puerto de Santa Maria
19.5.17 International Wine Challenge 2017 Gold Medals for Sherry
25.5.17 Decanter World Wine Awards 2017 Sherry Results
27.5.17 Sherry Looks to the Russian Market; Copa Jerez Forum Coming Soon
29.5.17 New Releases from Grupo Estevez
31.5.17 Williams & Humbert Sponsor Flamenco Research Competition
June 2017
7.6.17 Latest Williams & Humbert Lecture
8.6.17 Latest Sherry Sales Figures
16.6.17 Copa Jerez Forum Report
17.6.17 Lots More Interesting News
21.6.17 Dia de la Manzanilla
24.6.17 Winegrowers Fear a Hot Summer; New Book on Gonzalez Byass
27.6.17 Williams & Humbert Launch a New Vintage Sherry
29.6.17 iNNoble
30.6.17 Williams & Humbert Launch New Online Shop
July 2017
1.7.17 Lost Jerez Bodega Reborn
7.7.17 Early Optimism for the Harvest
8.7.17 Latest IWC and CIVAS Results for Sherry 2017
12.7.17 New Look for Marques del Real Tesoro
13.7.17 How about a Siesta in a Bodega? Manzanilla Served at Buckingham Palace
20.7.17 Harvest Update; Gonzalez Byass Best Bodega in the World
21.7.17 Table Wine Harvest Already Underway in Cadiz
22.7.17 Fedejerez Celebrates 40th Anniversary
22.7.17 Consejo Predicts Excellent Harvest
30.7.17 La Bodeguita to Open to Public
August 2017
3.8.17 Sherry Vinegar Sets Record Sales
4.8.17 Xeco: A New Fino is Launched
5.8.17 The Great Sherry Tasting 2017
6.8.17 Fernandez-Gao Launch De Ecclesia
7.8.17 Sherry Sales for First Half 2017
10.8.17 Sherry Harvest has Begun
15.8.17 International Sherry Week 2017
16.8.17 Latest on the Harvest
17.8.17 Lots of Interesting News
21.8.17 Harvest is in Full Swing
22.8.17 Latest on Harvest; Tio Pepe Sherrymaster
23.8.17 Williams & Humbert to Launch Organic Sherry
30.8.17 State of the Harvest
September 2017
14.9.17Valdespino Launch Palo Cortado Anada 2000
28.9.17 Fedejerez Wants to Stop Fino from Sanlucar
October 2017
3.10.17 More on the Sanlucar Fino Saga
9.10.17 Fall in Sherry Sales Eases off Slightly
11.10.17 Opening Date for Universo Santi Announced
12.10.17 Beltran Domecq Promotes Sherry in the USA
21.10.17 Sherryfest New York to Open to Public; VT Cadiz in Penin Shortlist
24.10.17 New Jerez Brandy; Official Spirits Figures
29.10.17 Universo Santi Inauguration Ceremony
31.10.17 Romate Launch New Labels; Gonzalez Byass Launch 2017 Palmas
November 2017
1.11.17 London Sherry Trail Map Launched
8.11.17 Barbadillo Launches New Sparkling Wine
16.11.17 Gonzalez Byass Releases Ancient Moscatel
18.11.17 Fantastic Sherry Week Results
23.11.17 La Guita in Wine Spectator World Top 100, Aponiente Wins 3rd Michelin Star
24.11.17 Peter Sisseck to Produce Sherry
29.11.17 New La Guita en rama; Covijerez 50th Anniversary
30.11.17 New Saca of Goya XL; Sherry Casks Big Business
December 2017
1.12.17 Official Launch of Maximum Brandy; Albarizas Coop 40th Anniversary
5.12.17 Williams & Humbert Launch New Vintage Fino
22.12.17 The Worst is Over; Barbadillo Invest in Tech
23.12.17 New Sparkling Vermouth
26.12.17 Gonzalez Byass Launch Vinos Finitos
28.12.17 The Cooperatives Want to Extend the Zona de Crianza
31.12.17 Feliz 2018! Happy New Year! Soleras Olvidadas
January 2018
2.1.17 Gonzalez Byass Launch Solera Reservada Club
9.1.18 Sherry Marathon 2018
10.1.18 Sanlucar to Produce Whisky
16.1.18 High Parker Scores for Williams & Humbert
23.1.18 Sherry is Becoming Fashionable in Britain Again
29.1.18 Contentious Issues for Next Consejo Regulador Meeting
31.1.18 Consejo Meeting Fails to Solve Issues
February 2018
2.2.18 Gonzalez Byass Revives East Indies Wine
7.2.18 Consejo Statistics to be Improved
15.2.18 Williams & Humbert Saving Turtles
17.2.18 Maestro Sierra in World's Top 100 Wineries; Manzanilla Interpretation Centre
24.2.18 Paola Medina in Decanter Top 10 Spanish Winemakers
25.2.18 Lots Going on in Sherry Country
March 2018
13.3.18 Very Special Tasting to be Included at Vinoble
16.3.18 Success for Sherry at Bacchus Awards
18.3.18 Wine Origins Launch DO Protection Campaign in the US
23.3.18 Book of Sherry Stories Published
29.3.18 Great New Book about Sherry
April 2018
4.4.18 Consejo Opens Dabate on Supporting New Wines of the Area
8.4.18 Historic Tasting in Sanlucar
9.4.18 Good Start to the Year for Sherry Sales
10.4.18 Vinoble Latest and Dates for International Sherry Week
13.4.18 Tio Pepe en rama 2018 Launched
19.4.18 Very Interesting Lecture at Williams & Humbert
26.4.18 Sevill Feria Breaks Sherry Sales Record Again
27.4.18 Great Success for Sherry at VinEspana Awards
May 2018
1.5.18 Brandy de Jerez Sales Improve
4.5.18 Grupo Jose Estevez Launches New Table Wine
7.5.18 First Biodynamic Wines in Cadiz
10.5.18 Menace of Xylella Fastidiosa Puts Growers on Alert
11.5.18 Growers Warn Bodegas: Pay Now for Quality or There Will be No Grapes
20.5.18 Williams & Humbert Launch New Organic Vintage Fino
22.5.18 General Consensus in Jerez for Unfortified Wines to Join DO
2018 Sommelier Wine Awards - Sherry Results
25.5.18 Forty Year Old Whisky Enhanced by Forty Year Old Amontillado
26.5.18 Oloroso Sherry Launched by New Scotch Malt Distillery
29.5.18 Filipino Businessman Invests in Williams & Humbert
31.5.18 Bodegas Portales Perez Launch Manzanilla Pasada
June 2018
1.6.18 Decanter World Wine Awards
2.6.18 International Wine Challenge 2018 2nd Tranche Sherry Results
26.6.18 Gonzalez Byass Release Healthy Figures
27.6.18 New Fundacion de la Manzanilla Established
29.6.18 VIII Edition of Copa Jerez Begins; New White Wine from Bodegas Obregon
July 2018
2.7.18 Independent Growers Forced to Join Cooperative
6.7.18 Fiesta de la Vendimia 2018
8.7.18 Prediction for the Harvest 2018
10.7.18 International Sherry Week: Event Registration Now Open
11.7.18 IWC Champion Trophy Results
12.7.18 Latest Figures for Brandy de Jerez
19.7.18 Harvest Latest
25.7.18 More News on the Harvest
August 2018
4.8.18 Harvest Update
5.8.18 Bodegas Alvaro Domecq Launch New Liqueur
6.8.18 Sales Figures for the First Half of 2018
8.8.18 Table Wine harvest Begins
12.8.18 "Seasick" Palo Cortado Returns to Cadiz
16.8.18 Is Ozone the Answer to the Growers' Prayers?
19.8.18 Unknown Fungus Spreading Panic in the Vineyards
22.8.18 Harvest About to Start; Mystery Fungus Identified
25.8.18 2018 Sherry Harvest Under Way
28.8.18 The Harvest is Beginning to Gather Pace
31.8.18 The harvest Begins at Las Angustias
September 2018
2.9.18 Exciting New Launches from Fernando de Castilla and Gonzalez Byass
4.9.18 Gonzalez Byass Restoring Old PX Lagar
21.9.18 Unesco Listing for Marco de Jerez? 
23.9.18 Harvest Drawing to a Close 
26.9.18 Good New Bar in Sanlucar 
28.9.18 New Label for Manzanilla La Goya 
October 2018
1.10.18 New Sherry Cask Website 
2.10.18 Gonzalez Byass Launch New Vintage Finos
4.10.18 Vintage 2018 Final Results 
6.10.18 Growers´Plea for Higher Grape Prices 
20.10.18 Beltran Domecq Joins Calls for Increase in Grape Prices 
22.10.18 Andalucia Award for Luis Perez, Pedrino 
25.10.18 Latest Sherry Sales Figures 
November 2018
2.11.18 Growers and Cooperatives Make Progress on United Front  
3.11.18 High Court Bans Bag in Box 
6.11.18 Gonzalez Byass "Seasick" Palo Cortado Available Shortly 
7.11.18 Manzanilleros´Reaction to the Ban on BIB 
8.11.18 Gonzalez Byass Best Bodega in Europe 2018 
9.11.18 Consejo Says There Is No War Between Sherry And Manzanilla 
16.11.18 Some of the Problems Facing Jerez 
18.11.18 Brexit Agreement Should Provide UK Protection for Sherry 
21.11.18 El Maestro Sierra Wins Gold Medal 
24.11.18 The Junta Opens the Way for Non Fortified Sherry 
27.11.18 Copa Jerez Spanish Entry Chosen; Jerez Gets First Michelin Star 
30.11.18 Consejo´s New Sherry and Food Matching Guide 
December 2018
2.12.18 Consejo Looks at Tax Relief on Cask Seasoning Losses  
8.12.18 Innovative Vineyard Developments at Fundador 
15.12.18 The Consejo Wants to Speed up Changes to the Regulations 
16.12.18 Jerez Feria Dedicated to Jabugo 
20.12.18 Bag in Box Controversy Finally Over; Sherry Cultural Centre
21.12.18 Fernando de Castilla to Launch Pair of Very Old Wines 
28.12.18 Just When You Thought You´d Heard the Last of BIB 
January 2019
6.1.19 Various News Items 
11.1.19 Consejo Best Mosto Competition; New Distillery in Sanlucar
14.1.19 Guia Peñin Rates Sherry Best Wine in Spain 
20.1.19 Cadiz and Marco de Jerez Top Places to Visit 
23.1.19 VIII Copa Jerez and II Forum Dates Announced 
25.1.19 New EU Legislation to Simplify Changes to DO Rules 
28.1.19 Appeal Period for BIB Ruling Corrected 
29.1.19 Brandy de Jerez to be Allowed Average Age Statements 
February 2019 
4.2.19 Gloomy Sherry Sales Figures for 2018 
6.2.19 Ximenez Spinola Launch Centenary PX
13.2.19 Manzanilla Promotion Centre for Sanlucar 
24.2.19 Brandy de Jerez Sales Rise for First Time in a Decade 
March 2019
1.3.19 Sherry Scores Well at VinEspaña  
6.3.19 Unfortified Sherry Just One Step From Approval 
8.3.19 Rioja Firm Establishes Bodega in Jerez 
10.3.19 Sherry Scores Well at Mundus Vini 
11.3.19 BIB Issue Complicates Possible Regulation Changes 
15.3.19 XVII International Bacchus Awards 
17.3.19 EU to Modify Regulations on Average Age and Sugar Content of Spirits 
19.3.19 Jerez is Worried and Frustrated by Brexit
20.3.19 Latest Competition Results for Sherry and Cadiz Wines 
22.3.19  "Fino" La E in BIB is Causing Concern
27.3.19 Consejo Commissions Judicial Report on "Fino La E" BIB 
28.3.19 Copa Jerez & Forum Dates Announced 
30.3.19 Yodo & Txodo 
April 2019
4.4.19 Dates Announced for International Sherry Week 
5.4.19 Sandeman Wins "Don" Trademark Case
7.4.19 New Chief Oenologist at Fundador 
9.4.19 Judicial Report Finds "Fino La E" in Bag in Box Illegal 
10.4.19 Gonzalez Byass Launch Vermouth, Buy Bodega... 
22.4.19 New Sherry Shop in Jerez 
May 2019 
9.5.19 The Marco de Jerez is the Most Visited Wine Region in Spain - Again
10.5.19 Half of Garvey Workforce Made Redundant 
12.5.19 Roundabout in Jerez to be Named after Manuel Lozano 
24.5.19 Bodegas 501 to be Auctioned Off 
29.5.19 Decanter World Wine Awards Results 2019 
June 2019
3.6.19 Denmark Win Copa Jerez 
4.6.19 Bristol Cream Updates Presentation
8.6.19 Dates Set for Vinoble 2020
11.6.19 Sherry for the New Poet Laureate
20.6.19 Trump Threatens Tariff Increases on EU Wine 
24.6.19 Jerez Awaits Official Declaration of Drought 
26.6.19 Registration Open for International Sherry Week 
July 2019  
5.6.19 EU-Mercasur Deal Will End Fake "Sherries" in South America
6.7.19 Drought and Low Temperatures Threaten Harvest 
8.7.19 Barbadillo Launches Verdejo Made in Jerez 
9.7.19 Latest on Cylindrocarpon 
20.7.19 Excellent Parker Scores for Williams & Humbert 
11.7.19 International Wine & Spirit Competition Result 
13.7.19 Bodegas Urium Expand into Sanlucar 
16.7.19 Tio Pepe Cuatro Palmas: Champion of Champions
17.7.19 Historic Jerez Signs Saved


  1. Thanks for many inspiring comments. But are there any news since July 2019? Thanks in advance fo a good blog.