Monday, 22 April 2019

22.4.19 New Sherry Shop in Jerez

Surprisingly, for the source of one of the world´s great wines, Jerez has until now only had two specialist Sherry shops and excellent though they are there is certainly room for another, so you will be pleased to know (I know I am!) that another has opened. It is called The Taste of Sherry and can be found at Calle Corredera, 33 in the city centre. It is run by the knowledgeable and enthusiastic Belén and Jesús who want to promote all the bodegas, large and small, and Sherry culture as a whole. To that end they have a separate room for lectures, tastings, pairings and courses on all aspects of Sherry. They even have a Sherry club. The shop only opened last week so it is still early days - and it is an enormous investment - but the range is growing quickly to a projected 500+ wines which will be available in the shop and for delivery throughout the EU. Check it out at: or on Facebook.

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  1. Thanks a lot Paula. Has been a pleasure to meet you in our shop. Wish to see you again soon.