Friday, 31 August 2018

31.8.18 The Harvest Begins at Las Angustias

The Jerez Cooperative Nuestra Señora de las Angustias, the largest in the area, has begun harvesting an estimated 14 million kilos of grapes from 200 growers and 1,200 hectares of vineyard from all over the Sherry region. This represents about 18% of the total harvest. The 25 staff at the winery have been working to ensur everything is clean and working correctly in preparation for the “avalanche” to come.

The presses being prepared at Angustias (foto: MAGonzalez,Diario de Jerez) 

Since the weather has been rather odd this year, the grapes took ages to ripen and then ripened rapidly causing a slight worry about higher than usual acidity. The principal parameter for the decision to pick is the Beaumé reading which is fine, but acidity levels have delayed picking. The harvest is expected to last till 15th September approximately and be around 10% bigger than last year.

Throughout the region, over 7 million kilos have already been picked, roughly 6 million in Jerez with an average Beaumé reading of 11.45° and 1 million in Trebujena, averaging 10.72°, but these readings will rise as the harvest progresses. The cooler coastal areas are still waiting.

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