Sunday, 16 December 2018

16.12.18 Jerez Feria Dedicated to Jabugo

The annual Feria of Jerez, the Feria del Caballo, is dedicated every year to another place, and for 2019 that place is Jabugo in the neighbouring province of Huelva. This small town located in the Sierra de Aracena happens to be world famous for its Jamón Ibérico de Jabugo, the finest of all, and has its own protected Denominación de Origen within the DO Huelva. There could be no finer accompaniment to a glass of Sherry. 

The dates for the feria have been announced, and they are: 11-18 May 2019. Naturally both Sherry and Jamón de Jabugo will be heavily promoted making this feria one not to be missed. This year´s feria poster was designed by the Jerez council´s own graphic designer, Juan Carlos Crespo, who has designed a few of them in the past. 

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