Thursday, 12 July 2018

12.7.18 Latest Figures for Brandy de Jerez

Brandy de Jerez did not have a good 2017. Despite the strong sales growth noted by the Consejo Regulador in the first quarter of 2018, Ministry of Agriculture figures for spirits with a geographical indication (IG or quality spirits) for 2017 show a 14% fall in both volume sold and income. Sales were below 10 million litres for the first time at 9.2 million litres with a value of 69.2 million euros, as against the 2016 figures of 10.7 million litres and 80.2 million euros.

However the product of Jerez is still far and away the leading Spanish spirit with 53% of total spirit sales, which in 2017 were 17.4 million litres, and 58% of total value which was 19.5 million euros. The 19 Spanish IG spirits are produced by a total of 238 companies, and they saw a drop in sales in 2017 of 10.8% and a drop in income of 11.7%. The IG spirits represent about 8% of total Spanish spirits production which totals 218 million litres.

60% of the IG spirits were sold on the home market. The Ministry’s figures highlight “the great social and economic importance” of Brandy de Jerez which maintains its leadership in exports with a share of 88.4% and a volume of 6.2 million litres. 72% of all IG spirits exports go to countries outside the EU with Asia buying 29%, mainly Brandy de Jerez for the Philippines. In Spain Brandy de Jerez is the second biggest selling spirit with a market quota of 30%, just 1% behind Pacharán de Navarra, but it has a much larger economic value with 58% compared to the 16.2% of Pacharán. Let us hope that the promising figures for 2018 continue.

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