Wednesday, 7 November 2018

7.11.18 Sanlúcar´s Reaction to the Ban on BIB

The Professional Association of Artisan Bodegas of Sanlúcar has reacted to the recent High Court ruling on the prohibition of Bag in Box saying that Fedejerez is continuing with its policy of ruining the Marco de Jerez. The bodegueros of Sanlúcar point out that the ruling runs against that of the Junta de Andalucía which is the titular body of the Consejo Regulador of the denominations of origin Sherry and Manzanilla.

While they will comply -reluctantly - with the ruling, the Association considers that its contents show “a completely erroneous, insensitive and unjust interpretation of the facts as related to the regulations and also show total insensibility to a matter of great economic importance to a very significant part of the trade since the appeal against the preventive measure imposed two years ago and which infringed basic principles of justice has not even yet been resolved”.

The Association is therefore urging the Junta and others to appeal for an annulment of the ruling to reclaim the “justice which has been erroneously denied”. Furthermore the Association considers it a fact that ”Fedejerez, whose members are bodegas outside the DO Manzanilla, is trying to manage their sales to the benefit of their own competing DO”. It complains about the words of the Fedejerez spokesman on learning of the Court´s ruling that “ in some way it will contribute to calming relations between the DOs which comprise the Consejo Regulador”. On this point the Association is urging “generational change of the people who have been running the institutions and are bringing the area to ruin”.

Association press conference (fot:diariodejerez)
The Sanluqueños indicate that they will continue working “ceaselessly” to unite the different bodegas which comprise the DO Manzanilla “ to ensure their own decisión-making capacity at the Consejo and not have to submit to decisions made by bodegas of another DO with opposing interests” which is what happens now as they “only have one voice out of twenty”.

The Association will take up the matter of BIB again at the Consejo as “we are entirely convinced that it is the container of the future and will help to improve things in a región where the price of grapes is the lowest in Spain and sales are in freefall due to the complacency of those who continue to run the institutions”. To achieve this they are holding meetings with other operators in the area to gain the necessary majority.

“A small group of big firms maintain control of the Consejo where Señor (Evaristo) Babé is lord and master” is the Association´s charge against the president of Fedejerez. While the Consejo consists of representatives from all sides of the trade, “curiously, and despite having the same weight, Manzanilla only has one voice of the twenty established in the regulations to face a full majority from DO Sherry”. The Sanluqueños feel that “times will change in the area”, not only in terms of regulation but also in terms of generations, capable of adapting to the markets “for a return to a period of growth on solid foundations which would put our prestigious wine back in the position it deserves not just in terms of quality but also of price”.

The Association has been working for some months now to protect the interests of the Manzanilla producers having fostered the creation of the Mesa de la Manzanilla and the Fundación Manzanilla – Sanlúcar Barrameda.

It is perhaps worth pointing out that sales of wine in BIB in Spain grew by 50.7% last year according to official figures.

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