Wednesday, 27 March 2019

27.3.19 Cosejo Commissions Judicial Report on "Fino La E" BIB

The Consejo Regulador has commissioned a judicial report in respect of the “Fino La E” in bag in box matter before putting it to a vote at a future plenary meeting. The matter was raised by Delgado Zuleta at a plenary held yesterday in a written request that the Consejo make a decision on the matter which in the view of DZ constitutes unfair competition which causes consumer confusion and is unlawful. They also asked for the precautionary suspension of the issuing of (production zone) DO seals for this product and this will be addressed in the judicial report.

La "E" in a previous guise

 The “La E” (originally known as "La Especial") matter occupied most of yesterday´s plenary at which Argϋeso-Yuste presented a paper defending the legality of the product. There was then a heated debate during which opinions both for and against were heard, including that of the president of the Coop Virgen de Palomares which is filling the “La E” BIBs, José Manuel Sánchez, who naturally was in favour. The plenary went on to endorse the Consejo´s decision to commission the judicial report which will hopefully be received in a week or so.

This is what all the fuss is about
Other matters discussed were the state of play of the promotional campaign which is focused on Spain and the UK and in particular Madrid and London and seems to be achieving good results, especially in Spain. The Consejo will also apply to join a European funding programme for the period 2020-2022 initially approved for 2018-2020. Another concern discussed was that of fake Sherry in third markets such as New Zealand where negotiations for an agreement similar to that reached in Australia are under way for the gradual cessation of the use of protected European terms. This process has seen little progress in the US under the Trump administration however.

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