Monday 2 September 2019

Vino Blanco Hacienda de Doña Francisca 2018 12.5%, Viña Callejuela

Bright, fairly pale silvery gold with golden reflections.
Fresh open country and seaside air pervades the wine with gently tangy tartaric, herbal and slightly saline aromas intermingling with the apple ones so typical of Palomino. There are even  faint floral and background earthy hint as well, making it very natural smelling and attractive.
Crisp, clean and almost crunchy apples and a lively acidity give the wine real zip, yet there is a fuller side to it too with some body and the two sides will probably merge with a little bottle age. Naturally it has the classic albariza characteristics of  dry chalky texture and a slight salinity, and overall it has real character.
This is another in the Viña Callejuela range of three single vineyard table wines, and is the only one whose grapes come from Sanlúcar itself, from the Hacienda de Doña Francisca vineyard in the pago Callejuela. The vineyard extends to 16 hectares at an altitude of 62 metres and the Guadalquivir estuary can be seen in the distance and you can feel the sea breezes which make Sanlúcar special. The wine is, lie its siblings, 100% Palomino, fermented in ex Manzanilla butts and left on lees and under flor till the following spring when it is lightly filtered and bottled at the bodega.
13.50 euros, De Albariza