Sunday, 23 September 2018

23.9.18 Harvest Drawing to a Close

As the 2018 harvest reaches its final stages a more accurate picture of its size is emerging. Predictions of up to 20% bigger than last year now look wildly optimistic, and the Consejo´s prediction of 10% are much nearer the mark though as things currently stand it is only a little over 6% bigger. So far approximately 80 million kilos have been harvested and grapes coming in now have an average sugar Reading of 11.31° Beaumé. The inland vineyards are all but finished, but those of the coastal áreas of Sanlúcar, Chipiona and Chiclana are finding that some grapes are having difficulty developing past 10.7° and growers are having to wait, hoping that the weather stays dry to avoid any more cryptogamic problems. At least he forecast is encouraging for the next couple of days but there is overnight dew which is not helping. Some 68% of the harvest so far came from the interior vineyards near Jerez with 13% from Trebujena and the rest from the vineyards nearer the coast.

Hand picking (foto:MAGonzalez diariodejerez)

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