Tuesday, 28 August 2018

28.8.18 The Harvest is Beginning to Gather Pace

So far González Byass, Estévez, Williams & Humbert and Fundador have already begun, with Beaumé readings of about 11°. Barbadillo and the two Trebujena cooperatives, Palomares and Albarizas, whose Beaumé readings are around 12°, will start tomorrow. On Friday the Jerez coop Angustias will start the “pies de cuba” – small fermentations of 3-5,000 kilos of grapes which ripened earlier which help get the main fermentations off to a good start by increasing the yeast population – and they anticipate starting to pick on Monday. So the bigger players have begun, at least in Jerez; Sanlúcar will need to wait a little longer.

There is a slight worry about rain. Yesterday was very cloudy and a few drops fell, but the forecast looks clear with a 20% chance of rain on Monday and temperatures in the mid 30s till then. While it is unlikely, a downpour would cause problems and require the harvest to be accelerated. It would dilute the grapes’ sugar content and the humidity could cause cryptogamic problems, of which there have already been more than enough this year. Meanwhile the Consejo’s prediction of a crop 10% bigger than last year holds good, and hopefully the harvest will be in full swing by Monday.

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