Sunday, 2 September 2018

2.9.18 Exciting New Launches from Fernando de Castilla and González Byass

Some cracking new releases are due in the near future, hopefully in time for the Christmas season. No photos are available yet I'm afraid.

Bodegas Fernando de Castilla have managed to obtain very small quantities of a couple of very old wines. There are only three butts of each, so the wine will be sold in half bottles made from heavy black glass and will be marketed as The Singular Collection. They will probably be launched in September. These stunning wines, which are both over 80 years old, are an incredibly aromatic and concentrated Oloroso Viejísimo which colours the glass for a while, and a Pedro Ximénez Viejísimo which colours it for even longer. It has 650 g/l sugars yet is beautifully balanced.

González Byass will be launching two vintage (añada) Finos in the near future. No launch date has yet been set as there still matters to be seen to, but the wines will be from the 2010 and 2011 vintages; one from the pago Carrascal and the other from the Pago Macharnudo. This will offer consumers an insight into variations in character created by the different vintages and the different terroirs of the vineyards. The wines will be released in pairs of half bottles, one of each, in a pack containing information about the harvest conditions of each year. The pack will form part of the recently launched Vinos Finitos range of wines which are irrepeatable, spearheaded by the Oloroso Alfonso 1/6 and the ancient Moscatel Pio X. Only 700 packs of the Finos will be released.

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