Friday 2 December 2016

2.12.16 Pedro Domecq Brand to Reappear

In a joint operation with González Byass, Bodegas Fundador has bought back from Pernod Ricard the rights to the names Domecq and Pedro Domecq. The price paid was not revealed. The Emperador Group, based in the Philippines and the largest brandy company in the world, known in Jerez as Bodegas Fundador, already owns the old Domecq bodega complex and it is wonderful that the brand name and bodegas will be reunited. The new deal consists of a 50/50 joint venture called Bodegas Las Copas to purchase all the intellectual property rights to the name Domecq and Domecq Mexico, which produces table wines in Baja California and various brandies. Emperador and González Byass have long worked together.

Andrew Tan and Mauricio Gonzalez present the deal (foto:andaluciainformacion)

The end of the once mighty Pedro Domecq began with a takeover in 1994 by the multinational Allied Lyons, owners of Harveys and Terry, forming Allied Domecq. The group, which included included Beefeater gin and Ballantines and DYC whiskies as well as a huge wine and spirits division in Mexico, was bought jointly by Pernod Ricard and Beam Global in 2005. PR kept the Domecq brand name and the division in Mexico as well as Ballantines and Beefeater, while Beam Global kept Harveys, Terry, Fundador and DYC as well as the Jerez bodegas and vineyards, the Palacio Domecq and the Gallo Azul. They sold off property and various Domecq Sherry brands to Caballero (Lustau) and Sherry and brandy brands to Osborne.  Beam then merged with Suntory, becoming Beam Suntory, who then sold the assets in Jerez to Emperador, who have certainly not stood still, having recently also bought Garvey.

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