Friday 16 December 2016

Manzanilla Pasada en rama Solear Otoño 2016, 15%, Barbadillo

Bright gold with a trace more intensity than a younger wine, light legs.
Forthcoming and very refined, subtle, the flor bitterness is more restrained than in some sacas - though certainly there - and it is gently floral, mingled with a hint of camomile as well as those normal marine notes. It is fairly soft and more passive than some sacas but just as complex. 
A little more intensity here; the bitterness of the flor is more pronounced yet the wine is well rounded and all the elements of cabezuela, flor and salinity are very harmonious and well behaved. The finish is long and dignified with a bitter edge. Classic quality Manzanilla Pasada.
Made in the usual way from the firm's vineyards with Palomino vines of over 30 years of age, this wine, which for the first time calls itself Manzanilla Pasada although it really always has been, is aged for an average period of 8 years. Its 550 butt solera is fed by 6 year old Solear, and goes on to feed the criaderas of the Amontillado Principe solera. As usual, this seasonal saca is taken from 15 selected butts. It was bottled with minimal filtration on 20 September during what was still a very hot summer which gives the flor a slightly creamier flavour with less dankness. It is very different from the Verano saca, and that's what makes these Solear en rama wines so very interesting.
15 euros per half bottle from Licores Corredera

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