Monday, 26 December 2016

26.12.16 Bodegas Produce Sherry for Charity

Under the name “Capelo Selección” González Byass, Williams & Humbert and Grupo Caballero have launched a limited edition range of Sherries to raise money for religious charities. The idea came from a Jerez priest, Miguel Ángel Montero, in 2007, and working with Grupo Estévez oenologist, Maribel Estévez they sold 1,717 half bottles of sweet wine under the “Pelicano” brand. Later, in order to make the wine more attractive to purchasers and to promote Sherry, Montero changed the name to Capelo Selección and got more bodegas involved.

Now, GB are offering a 20 year old Palo Cortado medium (90% 12 year old PC and 10% 12 year old PX blended and further aged in solera) available for the first time. W&H are offering Canasta Cream and Caballero are offering Lustau Vermouth and also a special edition of Miura, a liqueur made from cherries steeped in anís. All the labels bear the Capelo logo.

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