Sunday, 25 December 2016

A Very Happy Christmas to All Sherry Lovers!

I hope you will all be enjoying a bottle of really good Sherry among friends and family this Christmas. After all, it is a very civilised wine which will match any Christmas feast.

But girls –for heaven’s sake don’t overdo it – this is what happened to a woman in Edinburgh:

After various bids from men like a highland drover (who took sheep and cattle to market), a pig jobber (a dealer in pigs), a brogue maker (maker of a particular kind of strong shoe) and a jack tar (a sailor), a farmer secured her purchase for two pounds and five shillings, but not before violence had erupted, with many women furious that a man could sell his wife. After the police had intervened, Mary rode off with the farmer on his horse. She should have stuck to a civilised glass of Sherry.

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