Friday, 9 December 2016

9.12.16 International Wine Challenge 2017 1st Tranche Sherry Results

In the following list I have included neither Bronze and Commended medals, nor the many non-bodega brands (read supermarket brands). Naturally it takes skill to produce good wine for a price a supermarket will pay, but a Gold for Tesco’s Finest, say, is of no interest to anyone outside the UK. And as usual the results show anomalies where a supermarket Amontillado gets equal billing with the great Fino Imperial (which surely merits Gold), for example. I have tasted both and they are not in the same league. While the wines listed below are impeccable, don’t take medals too seriously.

Bertola Palo Cortado 12 yo, Diez Mérito
Oloroso Victoria Regina VORS, Diez Mérito
Pedro Ximénez Vieja Solera VORS, Diez Mérito

Bertola Amontillado 12 yo, Diez Mérito
Bertola Pedro Ximénez 12 yrs, Diez Mérito
Fino Imperial VORS, Diez Mérito
Palo Cortado Solera, Cayetano del Pino
Fino Antique, Fernando de Castilla
Pedro’s Oloroso, García Jarana

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