Tuesday 13 December 2016

13.12.16 Great Idea from Sherry Boutique

One of the great joys of Sherry is tasting the wine bottled at different stages of development and observe how fascinatingly and beautifully it matures, gaining more intensity and complexity with the passage of time, without ever losing its identity. Well, Helen and Stuart of http://sherryboutique.com/ have come up with a brilliant way to do this with two special vertical tasting packs of wine from Viña Callejuela in Sanlúcar. The first consists of three bottles; Manzanilla Fina at around 3 years old, Manzanilla Madura at around seven years and Manzanilla Pasada Blanquito at around 10 years old. The second is the same but with the addition of the Amontillado La Casilla at around 20 years old. These packs will give you a rare and delicious opportunity to watch Sherry evolve.

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