Saturday, 17 December 2016

17.12.16 Fedejerez Optimistic Despite Obstacles

2016 has been a good year for Sherry, if not entirely free of obstacles. There is a feeling in the air that the bodegas are convinced they are on the right path to restoring past glories. Things are changing for the better in the Sherry trade, which yesterday celebrated its unity and optimism in the face of various stumbling blocks at the traditional December meeting of Fedejerez at the Castillo de Macharnudo in the Viña el Majuelo.

The assembled delegates (foto:diriodejerez)

The bodegas are standing together with Fedejerez in a message of unity and president Evaristo Babé painted a positive picture for the year despite some difficulties such as the prolonged Bag in Box conflict, the recent strike and the 5% tax increase, which has been strongly criticised by the wine trade. Babé said that “while there is still a long way to go we are on the right road. The increase in value is promising but is still not quite enough to compensate for falling sales, yet we are confident of reaching the turning point soon”. Fedejerez is seeing out the year with a bold message of firmness and clarity of ideas for the immediate future of the trade.

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