Saturday, 19 November 2016

Parpatana 2015 12%, Bodegas EMC3

Very pale bright silvery gold, legs.
Very aromatic, light and super fresh with pronounced fruity Moscatel notes predominating, hints of lychee, apple, green tea and mandarin meet floral aromas giving the Palomino little chance to shine. True, it is less aromatic, but it seems all but invisible, especially since the wine is supposed to be 80% Palomino. Can that be right?
Dry and beautifully balanced with a gentle texture and a mouthful of gently tangy fruit and flowers. This is delicious, unaggressive and has considerable length, pure drinking pleasure.
Made from 80% Palomino and 20% Moscatel this wine is sold without ageing. Various people were involved with its creation and the winemaker was Ramiro Ibáñez. The idea was to make an ideal wine for fish and especially the legendary local tuna (parpatana is the name of the most delicious part of the fish). The first bottle was blessed at Tarifa, famous for the atun de almadraba, the net-caught bluefin tuna.
5.15 from Licores Corredera

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