Sunday, 27 November 2016

Palo Cortado 19%, Bodegas González Obregón

Deep copper and amber tinted mahogany, legs.
Very nutty with toasted almond and some walnut, some oak and traces of dried fruit and cinnamon which all comes together to give a complex, characterful bouquet of good Oloroso with an up front crisp Amontillado edge. 
Full and dry, with lots of nuts, that hint of oak and a trace of tobacco now. As it opens out it swings from Oloroso to Amontillado and back again making it not only entertaining but delicious with a long nutty finish with just a trace of warm spice and exotic woods. 
This bodega deserves to be much better known. Surprisingly not much is written about it in books on Sherry, but it is an amazing place. It is tiny but full of character and the wines are excellent - though in rather short supply, especially this Palo Cortado. After all the bodega houses a mere 200 butts in total, and two of their wines are supplied to Lustau for their Almacenista range, though not this one. So the solera is tiny and only a few hundred bottles are released annually. At a guess, it is about 15-20 years old.

18 Euros ex bodega

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