Friday, 25 November 2016

La Bota de Florpower 67 "Más Acá" MMXIV 12.5%, Equipo Navazos

Mid strawy gold with brassy gold glints, virtually no legs.
First impression is of  Manzanilla but softer and a little lighter - less intense yet almost as complex. There is a lot of seaside salinity, some straw, almost oxidative notes and a noticeable presence of flor and general yeastiness, so it would be hard to mistake its origins, in fact it could only really be made here. It is amazingly developed and sophisticated for a wine of only two years of age.
Soft, textured and quite full with a fairly low acidity, it has a good depth of flavour and good length. It naturally lacks the alcoholic bite of the Manzanilla but it is similar in many ways and extremely, perhaps dangerously, drinkable. Think lower strength Manzanilla Pasada with a trace of apple.
This delicious 2014 vintage Vino Blanco table wine is pure Sanlúcar. The Palomino grapes are from the Pago Miraflores and are fermented in stainless steel tanks before the wine is transferred to 40 butts seasoned with Manzanilla. Here it was aged for 7 months under flor before being transferred back to the tanks, one of which was bottled in June 2016. The "Más Acá" (less "there" = less mature) refers to the fact that as it was already delicious, it was bottled young as opposed to the La Bota 53 "Más Allá" (more "there" = more mature) which spent more time in butts. In total the wine spends 20 months under flor and 2,800 bottles were released. Hopefully the wine in the other tank will spend more time ageing under flor and produce another "Más Allá". Can't wait!
19.50 euros from Er Guerrita

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