Saturday, 5 November 2016

5.11.16 Bag in Box Affair Not Quite Over Yet; Wine Technology Centre

The high court of Andalucía has overruled the Junta’s decision to allow the sale of BIB’s in horeca (hotel, restaurant and catering) and suspended their sale as a cautionary measure until the full verdict is published. The Junta went against the majority view, represented by Fedejerez, and the Consejo’s own rules in permitting this contentious container (though not - officially - for sale to the public) and instructing the Consejo to issue the appropriate seals.

Fedejerez, who appealed the Junta’s decision, is delighted with the result, “an important success for the protection of the Denominación de Origen Manzanilla, which we are very proud of”. The institution which represents the bodegas feels that the Junta’s decision was arbitrary and allowed some Sanlúcar bodegas (which represent only 4% of total sales) to break the Consejo rules. It had therefore asked the court for BIBs to be suspended as they were in “flagrant breach of the rules and agreements repeatedly adopted by the plenary of the Consejo.” Not only that, but BIBs “do irreparable harm to Sherry’s prestige, reputation and perception of quality”. Fedejerez hopes that this will now put an end to the matter.

The Parque Científico Tecnológico Agroindustrial was established in 2007 near Jerez for important research by various institutions such as the University of Cádiz and businesses involved in the agricultural sector. In 2010 a Centro Tecnológico del Vino (CTV)was proposed, but lack of investment saw the project shelved and the PCTA declared itself insolvent in 2014, being currently in administration. Now the Junta de Andalucía is to invest 750,000 euros in the “rebirth” of the CTV from its 2017 budget to get it off the ground. This would be a fantastic move towards modernisation, innovation and research and development. The announcement was made at the Consejo’s bodega San Ginés by Manuel Jiménez Barrios, vice president of the Junta.

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