Wednesday, 2 November 2016

La Bota de Amontillado 31 "Bota No" 20%, Equipo Navazos

After four and a half years , the wine has stained the glass of the bottle, and there is a little sediment (it was bottled en rama) but that shouldn't bother a true wine lover. It has a beautiful deep amber hue with copper tints and legs.
Intense, fresh and lively, crisp even, with lots of toasted nuts, brine and hints of oak from the butt, traces of clove and salted caramel. The oxidative notes are very pure and the complex, very slightly spicy aromas are tight and lean with lots of depth and just enough glycerine to balance, giving it immediate charm and the impression that the wine wants to burst out of the glass and show that it hasn't finished maturing yet .
Full-on zippy Sanlucar freshness is provided by a gentle hint of acidity yet this is an old and serious wine, somewhere over 25 years, and it shows with amazing precision and integration. At this age one might expect some tannin but really there is very little and that hint of glycerine achieves perfect balance. It is very clean and has terrific length.
This outstanding wine was drawn from four butts in the solera 1/10 "Manzanilla Pasada Vieja" at la Guita's bodega on the Jerez road where they transferred the older wines in 1980, leaving them virtually intact. Here there are two other older soleras: Manzanilla Pasada Muy Vieja and Manzanilla Pasada Viejisima 1/3, but Equipo Navazos felt that this one had the best balance in relation to its age. This solera also provided the wine for La Bota 61. This batch consisted of 1,700 50cl bottles.
About 54 euros per 50cl bottle

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