Saturday, 12 November 2016

12.11.16 New Label for Consejo Generic Sherry

The winners of the competition for a new generic label design for Sherries have been announced. They are Bibiana Domecq and Blanca del Rio, two young designers at the agency +B in Madrid, who both have personal links to Jerez. The Consejo organised the competition back in June and though the results were decided in August, it was decided to delay the announcement of the winners till International Sherry Week.

The new design (foto:noticiasandalucia)

The competition attracted 200 entries from 35 countries and many were fresh and groundbreaking. The new design unites tradition and modernity and enhances each different Sherry’s identity with the use of the classic chalk barrel markings screen printed on the bottle shoulder. The generic Sherries are used by the Consejo for promotional purposes and are supplied by various bodegas as typical examples of the various styles of wine. The Consejo label ensures impartiality. 

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