Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Tio Pepe en rama saca 2016 15%, González Byass

Mid to pale strawy gold with a barely perceptible trace of green, light legs.
As soon as it was poured I could smell it at the other side of the room! Fragrant,very fresh and generous with pronounced flor but not excessively bitter, there's some depth here and seriousness, which show just what a treasure these soleras are. Hints of almond and a slight trace of butter give added complexity to a gentle but very characterful Fino wine.
Dry, clean and lively, a trace of acidity and abundant but gentle flor give perfect balance to that trace of butteriness which stems from the dead yeasts at the bottom of the butt. It has a gently dry texture with traces of olive brine, almond and flor, and a very long clean finish.
This 7th release is a blend of wines from 60 selected butts in the Tio Pepe soleras in the La Constancia and Rebollo bodegas,and bottled mid April. This year's wine had more flor than usual as a mild winter with ideal average temperatures followed a cooler than average late summer and a complete absence of the warm Levante wind allowing it to remain intact on the surface. Then it burst into life again in spring ready to give zest to the wine, which it certainly did! Antonio Flores, the winemaker, describes it as "sublime, pungent and fresh." If you want to see a 50 second video of Antonio and his boss Mauricio González tasting it, go to #sueloyvelo
About 15 euros from Licores Corredera

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