Saturday, 2 April 2016

2.4.16 Sherry 6th Most Covered DO in Press

Sherry is certainly talked about in the Spanish press and is the 6th most talked about DO. Spain has 69 DOs plus 14 Single Vineyard DOs and various Vinos de la Tierra and Vinos de Calidad denominations, so this is good news and it is down to efficient generic promotion by the Consejo. According to the Wine Information annual study 2015 Sherry had over 1,000 references in the press out of a total of 17,668. Many of these are thanks to the Jerez newspaper Diario de Jerez.

Generic Sherry Bottled for the Consejo

The bodegas are another matter however. In fact with the exceptions of González Byass and Estévez they are notable for their absence. GB are out in front with 30% followed by Estévez with 12%, Barbadillo, Tradición and Osborne have between 7%and 8%, then further behind are Maestro Sierra, Delgado Zuleta and Lustau. The rest are barely on the radar.

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