Thursday, 21 April 2016

Fino Perla 15%, Bodegas Blanca Reyes

Comparatively pale almost silvery straw, quite pearl-like hence the name, light legs.
Delicate, fresh  and refined with gentle flor notes and almond-tinged notes of bread dough, quite yeasty and remarkably light but still it has a presence. Quite young with no autolytic notes but a bit of acetaldehyde giving the almondy character. Background traces of green herbs, but overall yeasty.
Again light, but graceful and elegant with just enough acidity to give it length and a gentle tang. The almond and bread notes persist along with a slight trace of olive brine and it is very dry (0.08 g/l sugars) though you would hardly notice through the smoothness. Light and delicate but with its own unique style.
This is the perfect wine to introduce someone to Sherry; it is less distant than many from a white table wine, yet is truly Sherry. From a small family bodega in Jerez this really has its own unique style. It is about 5 years old. The logo represents a perro ratonero (a kind of terrier bred to rid bodegas of mice) and the family perro is still with us at 17 years old! It is interesting that the lost but important bodega MacKenzie also had a Fino Perla, but the copyright must have run out long ago. Telmo, the manager, tells me they are soon to re-vamp the labels.
5.95 euros ex bodega

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