Monday, 18 April 2016

Manzanilla Atalaya 15%, Bodegas Barón

Very pale bright silvery golden straw, legs.
Attractive nose: deeply yeasty, with light flor and some savoury notes from the cabezuela (bottom of the butt where dead yeast cells accumulate and autolise), very saline too, with minerally seaside notes and a slight seaweed note, a classic Manzanilla nose.
Gently tangy yet smooth and remarkably complex for its years, lots of damp seaside yeastiness, brine and dough all nicely balanced and with terrific length.
This remarkably good wine is one of the lower-end  Manzanillas from Barón, a Manzanilla Fina, and is aged for an average of 4 years. Nonetheless, it is full of flavour and a better Fina than many. Atalaya means watchtower and is the name of one of the albariza vineyards owned by the company in which there is an old watchtower, part of the casa de viña.
About 7 euros from La Vinotería, Jerez

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