Thursday, 28 April 2016

Fino en rama Santa Petronila 15.5%, Viña Santa Petronila

Fairly deeply coloured brassy gold to pale amber, very light legs.
Reasonably full with hints of gently bitter flor, minor salinity, a touch of minerality and dried green herbs with background hints of butter and almond. There is a little age here yet very little oxidation, and there's a gentle tang and freshness giving a definite personality.
Again quite full and assertive, serious and with considerable depth, a bit more flor and a touch of cabezuela showing through. Traces of oxidation and that buttery note are balanced by a gentle acidity, flor and that minerality, there is a hint of esparto as well. It is a clean, complex wine with considerable character, individuality and quality.
Viña Santa Petronila is one of the smallest if not the smallest bodegas in the Marco de Jerez. It consists of a very pretty and very old (early XVIII century) casa de viña surrounded by its 17 hectare vineyard stocked with old vines planted in pure albariza in the Pago Macharnudo. It must be the only bodega with a swimming pool! The reason is that the finca provides  rural accomodation to tourists and also organises various activities. I think the finca was named after the wife of the bodeguero Ricardo Carlos Ivison who owned it in the XIX century. Anyway, being so small the bodega has no bottling facilities and the wine is contract bottled by Esporsil, this bottle being number 652 of a very small saca of 792 - well it's a tiny bodega - filled in December 2015. This stuff is excellent.
14 euros per 50cl bottle from Er Guerrita

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