Friday, 1 April 2016

1.4.16 Osborne’s Toro Gallery; EU Investment in Jerez

The Osborne Foundation has completed restoration Works on the old bodega La Mora, built in 1841 and which houses the VORS wines – some over 200 years old, in which it has set up an exhibition space called Toro Gallery dedicated to the famous Osborne bull. This iconic logo was designed by Manolo Prieto 60 years ago for the brandy Veterano and brought great commercial success. The exhibition contains Prieto’s original draught and the book “Un toro negro y enorme” in which many artists paid homage to it, and were present yesterday at the gallery’s inauguration. Other pieces include work by Salvador Dalí, photographs by Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon and Helmut Newton and personalised bulls by Agatha Ruiz de Prada, Antonio Banderas and Ferran Adriá and many others. There is also a feature about the huge bulls located near roadsides throughout Spain. Visits last about an hour and are available in Spanish and English at 13.00 every day.

Beltrán Domecq and César Saldaña of the Consejo met yesterday with officials from the Junta to discuss the needs of the wine sector with regard to the EU’s Integrated Territorial Investments (ITI), a form of central funding which will allow the Junta to hand out 400 million euros between now and 2020, spread between the agricultural, tourism, aeronautical and naval industries. It is about where precisely investment is most needed, and the wine and wine tourism sectors are strong candidates. An agreed integrated approach is required which could reduce production and energy costs, employ more young people and improve education, research and innovation. It is hoped that things can start to happen by summer.

Beltran Domecq & Fernando Lopez Gil of the Junta (foto:manuelaranda/diariojerez)

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