Saturday, 23 April 2016

23.4.16 Jerez Moto GP; BIB Controversy

Jerez is bursting at the seams with bikers and motor bikes here for this weekend’s Moto GP, the 30th to be held at the Jerez Circuito de Velocidad. It is an incredible sight and will do no harm to the city’s coffers. Of the first ten places, Spanish riders occupy seven, so the locals are all fired up as well. Ex-king Juan Carlos arrived in Jerez yesterday for the event – but not on a motor bike.

Meanwhile Carmelo Ezpeleta, director of Dorna the company which organises the World Championship, paid a visit to González Byass and was guided by the firm’s president, Mauricio González Gordon, and Pedro Rebuelta, vice president. Signing a butt Ezpeleta remarked that while Jerez has been famous forever for Sherry, it is gaining fame for the Moto GP as well. He said he was honoured to be signing a butt at González Byass alongside other butts signed by motorcycle racing legends like Ángel Nieto, Giacomo Agostini and Jorge Lorenzo.


The BIB polemic is hotting up again, and today’s Diario de Jerez says that it will continue until the Junta stops looking the other way and pronounces on the question once and for all. The majority of bodegas are against BIB either for sale to the public or to the trade and thus the Consejo refuses to issue suitable precintas, while the manzanilleros feel they have the Junta’s support for sale to the trade but are forced to use precintas issued for garrafas, a practice which is not permitted.

Fernando López Gil of the Junta says it is in touch with both sides, but the interlocutor is the Consejo, and an administrative solution will take time and would be better after the Consejo elections scheduled for the middle of June. Until such time, the manzanilleros are frustrated by the Consejo’s refusal to issue precintas for containers they see as legal. Both sides wish the Junta would take decisive action.

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