Friday, 15 April 2016

¿Fuego? No Thanks Medium Sherry 18.5%, Sánchez Romate

Quite deeply coloured, blacky brown with slight ruby glints to amber, legs.
Full and deep, quite intense and slightly savoury, cinder toffee, walnut in syrup, plenty PX there but showing its more savoury side rather than the fruity one, smells like Oloroso behind it too.
Sweet at first, but that subsides a little revealing a fair bit of PX fruit - and some of its texture - and lots of walnut and a gentle tang of acidity. Perhaps a little sweet for a Medium and certainly quite a full bodied and quite serious wine, if more like an old fashioned Cream. Nice long finish though.
This is one of the three wines released fairly recently under the "Unusual Sherries" range, which also offers a Pale Cream and a PX. What is unusual is the presentation; a Burgundy-style bottle is used yet it still has a Sherry-style stopper cork, and the cartoon labels are designed to attract younger drinkers. This particular one uses a scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's where someone offers Audrey Hepburn fuego (a light in Spanish)  and she replies in English "No thanks, medium Sherry." This wine is made from Amontillado from different soleras blended with a little PX, and the bodega recommends trying it chilled with some almonds or with ice and a slice of orange or as an accompaniment to patés, curry or sweet and sour dishes.  I haven't got round to trying it with all these, but it is certainly delicious with ice and a slice, and goes well with blue cheese.
8.50 euros

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