Friday, 29 April 2016

29.4.16 Sherry Beer from Jerez

Two Young Jerezanos became tired of unemployment and awaiting the miracle of a job offer, so they decided to create their own employment.  Miguel Moncayo, a physical training teacher, and Ana Isabel Triano, an environmentalist, got to work creating their own artisan beer brewed from 100% natural ingredients. After much testing the result was launched in 2014: Xela, a blonde beer with a unique ingredient: Sherry.

They began producing 200 litres a month, then 200 litres a week and now they have outgrown the rented premises at the Parque Tecnológico Agroindustrial and are actively looking for larger premises. From the outset they wanted to include Sherry in the recipe to add a spark of distinction to the beer and Xela is the only beer to do so, though one or two are aged in Sherry butts. The type of Sherry in question is a closely guarded secret, but the Consejo Regulador has now certified them as an authorised alimentary industry and that the wine they use is genuine Sherry.

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