Wednesday, 1 October 2014

1.10.14 Cesar Florido Wins Mezquita

The Premios Mezquita (Mezquita Awards) have just celebrated their XX anniversary. No fewer than 429 wines were tasted, from 202 bodegas, and for the first time non-Spanish wines were present in the shape of Portugal, who contributed 50 wines. Nearly all of the entries were table wines, but a Moscatel de Pasas from Cesar Florido of Chipiona won a Gran Mezquita de Oro.

1.10.14 Lots of News Today!

The Junta wants to limit bodega representation on the ConsejoThe draft order for elections in Consejos Reguladores, has set off alarm bells in the Sherry bodegas, as according to the text produced by the Junta de Andalucia, they would see their representation reduced at the Jerez Consejo.

Still at the discussion stage, the draft order incorporates important changes, among which is the equal number of women and men at plenary meetings. As there are many more women among the growers than the bodegas in which there are very few, this implies more grower representation than at present.
As things stand the bodegas have two votes: both as bodegas and as vineyard owners. The draft order, debated by the Consejo of Jerez yesterday in Sanlucar in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Manzanilla’s own DO, stipulates that bodegas would only have one vote, as vineyard owners or as bodegas, whichever represented the greater part of their income.

Beltran Domecq and Cesar Saldana of the Consejo greet the Minister (Diario Jerez)
The main consequence of this measure would be that a high proportion of the vineyard area, almost one third of the total, would not be represented at the Consejo. Although the producer sector and that of the bodegas would stay equal with ten votes each, Fedejerez, the bodega association would lose influence by losing two votes to the producers, leaving eight, two of which belong to Manzanilla and Vinegar.

The Junta de Andalucia agriculture ministry convened a meeting with the Andalusian Consejos Reguladores last Thursday to give them sight of the text, copies of which were sent out to other interested organisations. Certain other organisations only learned of it after being informed by the Consejo, losing two of the fifteen days allowed for discussion.

Two Ruiz Mateos Sons Sent to Prison. Pablo and Alfonso Ruiz Mateos, sons of the former Rumasa boss have been jailed for 6 months and fined 700,000 euros for defrauding Hacienda (the Spanish Inland Revenue) in 1996.

Barbadillo Nominated for Best Bodega of the Year in Guia Peñin. The XV Guia Peñin Awards, which celebrate the very best of producers and their products, will be held in the Alcala hall at the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid on the 16th October. Over 100 bodegas from all over Spain will be there, having gained a minimum of 93 points for their wine in the Guia Peñin 2014. Over 3,000 Sommeliers, buyers, distributors and members of the press from all over the world will attend.

DO Manzanilla Celebrates 50 Years. A separate Denominacion de Origen (DO) for Manzanilla was granted in 1964 and yesterday celebrated its 50th anniversary by holding the Consejo Regulador plenary meeting in Sanlucar. The Consejo has organised a promotional campaign for Manzanilla which will last until the April Feria in Sevilla. The main celebration will take place in Sanlucar on the 15th December, the actual day of the anniversary.

Manzanilla was given its own DO (Manzanilla de Sanlucar) as a result of confusion with a town called Manzanilla which is actually in the Huelva DO.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

30.9.14 Update on Film on British in Jerez

Here is the latest on the documentary about the British in Jerez. Filming is currently taking place in Jerez. The motivation for the film was the city’s election as European City of Wine, and the project is in the capable hands of veteran Andalusian filmmaker Nonio Parejo.

The British have had a strong presence in the Sherry zone since the XV century, but especially in the XIX, leaving a profound mark not only on the wine trade, but also leaving certain customs such as clay pigeon shooting, football, tennis, polo and horse racing.

The British community had its own cemetery and a chapel, since most were English Anglicans, and a vice consulate was established in the XIX century.  Many of their names live on in one form or another: Garvey, Sandeman, Williams & Humbert, Wisdom & Warter, MacKenzie, Ivison, Terry, O’Neale, Gordon, Davies, Gilbey, Suter, Ferguson, Osborne etcetera.

Nonio Parejo (top left) interviews Jose Luis Jimenez (foto + Jerez)
It is surprising, however, that this aspect of the trade has not been studied in any depth, so the documentary will look at providing information with new contributions from experts, historians, researchers, historians, bodegueros and family members. Nonio Parejo will be counting on assistance from local academic and contributor to Mas Jerez, Jose Luis Jimenez.

This new documentary, which has a duration of an hour, is related to one Parejo made in 2009 called ”The English in Rio Tinto”. He began making documentary films in 1976 and has produced great work, above all his series dedicated to Andalucia for Canal Sur TV.

Translated from an article by Jose Luis Jimenez in Mas Jerez.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Amontillado 12 Years Old 18%, Bertola/Paternina

Golden to light amber, legs.
Classic Amontillado nose: elegant with lots of hazelnut, slight hints of honey, vanilla and a trace of bitterness in the background relating to the flor, nutty gentle and persistent.
A well textured, well balanced friendly wine, dry with notes of honeyed nuts: almonds and hazelnuts, and American oak. There is that classic appearance of sweetness from the glycerol. Twelve years is no great age for an Amontillado, but this is genuine, elegant and attractive.
A well made wine, aged for three years as a Fino before being fortified to 17% and converting to Amontillado over 9 years in a five criadera solera, where it develops that extra degree of alcohol.
£ ? Not widely available in the UK but imported by Peter Watts Wines of Coggeshall, Essex.

29.9.14 Gonzalez Byass Best Spanish Bodega & 6th inWorld

Gonzalez Byass has been voted best Spanish bodega and 6th in the World’s top hundred by the WAWJW. The World Association of Writers and Journalists of Wines and Spirits (WAWJW), which consists of journalists, authors, bloggers, and social writers from all over the world took account of GB’s successful results in many international competitions as well as the visitor experience, which demonstrate the bodega’s commitment to quality and sustainability, reflecting the birthplace of these great Sherry wines.

Add captionTourists visit GB (foto: reporteros jerez)

Saturday, 27 September 2014

27.9.14 Delgado Zuleta Launch Table Wine

Bodegas Delgado Zuleta of Sanlucar has presented its new table wine, Viña Galvana. It is a white wine made from Palomino and Moscatel grapes and has 11.5% alcohol, which according to their oenologist, Salvador Real, “transmits light”. It is fresh, smooth and fruity with floral notes and well balanced acidity. Only 20,000 bottles will be available.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

25.9.14 Jerez Triples Press Presence

Sherry has tripled its presence in the press in the first 8 months of this year compared to the same period last year. After monitoring 7,000 news items in 40 magazines and 96 newspapers, Sherry, which was the fifth Spanish Denominacion de Origen in terms of press presence, is now in second place with 10% of the total. This implies a monthly average of 10 million readers, and that only covers the printed press. Television has also been a big factor covering news of the City of Wine locally and nationally along with documentaries.