Thursday, 21 April 2016

21.4.16 A Very Thirsty Feria de Sevilla

The Feria de Abril in Sevilla consumed record amounts of Manzanilla this year, with Barbadillo alone selling 440,000 half bottles of Muy Fina and Solear, an increase over last year of 13%. For their part, La Guita reports the sale of 680,000 half bottles, also a decent increase. The wines of both bodegas were available in 600 of the slightly more than 1,000 casetas.

The products of many other bodegas were also available, though not in such quantities, with Manzanilla being the preferred drink of the Feria, and there was no shortage of advertising and promotion of it. Probably some 1.5 million half bottles were sold in total, meaning each caseta got through roughly 1,500 half bottles in a week - quite a lot of this in the form of the “rebujito”, Sherry mixed with 7 Up or Sprite. That is some going, but at least Sherry is good for you.

Typical Feria scene (

Fino will soon get its turn however, being the preferred wine at the forthcoming Ferias of Jerez, El Puerto and Rota. Then it will be the pilgrimage of El Rocio, another Manzanilla event. All the while, Sherry in general has been setting Valencia on fire, which will hopefully generate a further increase in sales.

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