Sunday, 3 April 2016

Manzanilla La Guita en rama 2015 15%, La Guita

Quite deep in colour, strawy golden amber, some legs.
There's no doubt where this wine comes from! A cool salty breeze cuts through albariza with notes of rope and olive brine. There is a gentle nuttiness and traces of malt and dried fruit, representing a hint of oxidation and giving weight and complexity as well as balance. This has real character.
Similar on the palate, full, fairly crisp and just so interesting, with a good salty tang and some flor bitterness, lots of grip with some slightly buttery notes of the yeast from the bottom of the butt and a really long satisfying nutty finish. This was selected from some serious butts.
The grapes are all from Sanlúcar mainly from Miraflores and the wine is from a careful selection of butts at both bodegas: Misericordia and Pago Sanlúcar Viejo. There will be a different label for each release, and this one represents the portal of the XVI century Antiguo Hospital de la Misericordia which is now one of the bodegas. The wine is aged approximately 5 years, being much the same age as normal La Guita, but the particularly careful selection of butts was intended to show Manzanilla in its maximum glory, so this is really quite a different wine with much more depth, made for real Sherry lovers, and it shows just how much is lost in filtration. It was bottled in October 2015 and is excellent value for money.
7 euros per half bottle

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