Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Manzanilla Fina Jarona 15%, Juan Piñero

Pale strawy gold, some depth for a comparatively young wine, legs.
Saline, sea breeze blowing over the beach, some depth here with esparto rope, flor and sourdough notes, a trace of iodine and a hint of cabezuela - the dead yeast cells at the bottom of the butt which over time can impart lots of savoury notes to the wine. Complex for its age.
Quite full, tangy with that classic Sanlucar zip but balanced by yeastiness with delicate savoury notes and the slightest trace of oily butteriness coming through. It is certainly not lacking in flavour, length or character and is a lovely wine.
Made from must supplied from the Pago El Hornillo by the Blanco brothers at Viña La Callejuela who ferment it in stainless steel tanks, the wine is then aged in solera at Juan Piñero's bodega in C/Trasbolsa for over three years. There are only three criaderas, but the  scales are run 8-10 times a year keeping the flor super fresh.This is the youngest Manzanilla he bottles. This example has been in bottle for about 18 months and has reached perfection. NB Jarona has nothing to do with a certain song from 1979 by the Knack. Actually it is Sanlucar slang for "lazy".
6.50 Euros in Spain

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