Tuesday, 5 April 2016

5.4.16 Award for International Sherry Week; Tio Pepe en rama 2016

International Sherry Week has won the Drinks International award for Best Digital and Social Media Campaign. This highly innovative platform has brought people all over the world together with tastings, food matching and cocktail events (among many others) attracting a much needed younger audience to the magic of Sherry. This year’s event will take place 7-13 November on www.isherryweek.com and is not to be missed.

The new release is now available. Antonio Flores, chief oenologist at González Byass has described it as “sublime, pungent, fresh and very much in the style of traditional Tio Pepe.” Slightly unusual weather conditions have allowed the flor to flourish throughout the year, and the wine was selected from 60 butts, but as it is shipped to 19 markets there isn’t a lot to go around so order yours now.

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