Monday, 4 April 2016

Moscatel Especial 17.5%, Bodegas César Florido

Deep and opaque ebony-black walnut brown to deep amber at the rim, legs.
Fairly intense with a pronounced Moscatel aroma of Indian tea, a trace of citrus and concentrated grape with a caramel note from the arrope. You can smell the rich open texture and concentration from the oxidation of barrel ageing.
Rich, full, unctuous and textured with notes of caramel, orange and raisin. Despite the concentration it is beautifully balanced and fresh with a gentle acidity leaving a long clean memory on the palate.
From the leading bodega in Chipiona, the home of Moscatel, this delicious wine is made from grapes over-ripened on the vine and fermented briefly to around 2% alcohol. Arrope, a syrup made from boiling down Moscatel grape juice is added for more depth and the blend is fortified and aged for over one year in solera. The result is a highly textured and complex sweet wine with great depth of flavour and character, a true speciality of Chipiona, and yes, especial - it can boast 91 Peñin points.
About 9 euros

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