Monday, 11 April 2016

Fino 4/65 15%, Alexander Jules

Mid depth brassy gold with golden highlights, some legs.
Strong flor influence, quite saline and briny, some sour dough and bitter almond, yeasty and generous. There is a slight Sanlúcar air about this wine, what with the saltiness and strong flor, but there is a bit less minerality a hint of wax and a little more weight.
Great presence and character on the palate, fairly low acidity is compensated for by flor and there is an attractive strawy biscuit note. Very clean and well balanced, elegant and tasty with great length, this is very good.
This is a blend of wines over 9 years old from 4 selected butts from the 65 butt Fino solera in the bodega San Francisco Javier in Jerez owned by Juan Piñero. This small solera which was established in 1940 is separate from the main solera and rarely used. It has 3 criaderas, and 3 of the butts selected had lots of the yeast strain Beticus and the other had lots of the less common Montuliensis, giving extra complexity. 1,000 bottles were filled en rama in May 2015 yet interestingly the label reproduced here says April 2015. The grapes came from Macharnudo and  Añina, mostly supplied in the form of must by the Blanco brothers, and winemaking is supervised by Ramiro Ibáñez. Judging by the RE number this was bottled by Bodegas Arfe... and sealed with a 2 inch driven Diam cork.
20 euros from Cuatrogatos

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