Monday, 27 May 2019

Forlong Rosado 2018 14%, Bodega Forlong

Very pale orangey pink, onion skin perhaps with very pale coppery gold highlights.
Soft, light, fresh and delicate with traces of the hallmark blackcurrant aroma of Cabernet along with hints of raspberry and strawberry sweeties, perhaps also traces of sherbet and rose petals. Lovely.
Delicate and refreshing, clean and remarkably tasty with all those fruits mentioned already and perfectly balanced acidity making it quite soft,  and extremely elegant. There is a faint saline note at the end which gives away its origins and it has good length and considerable charm.
This delightful rosado comes from Alejandro Narváez and Rocío Áspera who are based near El Puerto de Santa  María at the Finca El Olivar de Forlón on the fringes of the pago Balbaina. It was once a Sherry vineyard owned by Matthiesen Furlong, hence the name. They are always coming up with interesting, beautifully made wines, and everything is done by hand. Anyway this wine is made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grown, along with Merlot and some Tintilla in four hectares of vineyard planted some 50 years ago known as the Finca La Greduela near Jerez, on albariza soil which they rent and farm organically. The grapes are harvested manually, and after an extremely light pressing, mostly just by gravity, the must is fermented in a stainless steel tank at a very low temperature (15°). After fermentation the wine is transferred, lees and all, to another tank where the lees are stirred weekly over two months. The wine is then allowed to settle and is bottled with no stabilisation. Very pale rosados like this are known as "rosados de lágrima" (tear) as the juice is expelled slowly slowly from the grapes rather like tears. They are much tastier than they look.
8.70 euros, Licores Corredera

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