Thursday, 30 May 2019

Amontillado en rama 2001 saca enero 2019 20%, Williams & Humbert

Deep amber with old gold highlights and the faintest trace of green at the rim.
Generous and forthcoming aromas of toasted almond and hazelnut with a faint hint of garrapiñadas (almonds in caramel) giving a trace of sweetness to balance the crispness and a hint of bitterness and salinity deriving from the flor stage, and after all these years. Attractive, interesting and charming.
Pronounced initial notes of caramel and toffee give the wine considerable roundness and balance out most of the tangy volatile and bitter flor flavours. They are followed by lots of nuts and a very light grip from wood tannin making the wine is amazingly smooth, fairly light and quite lively. It is perhaps a shade less crisp than a solera Amontillado and has a hint of the old sunned rather than fortified style, and despite fairly low acidity has great length.
Bottled in January 2019, this lovely and fascinating Amontillado is over 17 years old. The grapes came from the usual sources in the pagos Añina and Carrascal and the first pressing juice was fermented and fortified to 15.5% then barrelled up for static ageing in 600 litre butts. So far in the añadas project the wine was left to become Amontillado naturally by allowing the flor to die off as the alcoholic strength rose, but this was the first wine to receive a second fortification, to 18%, and I would guess fairly late on. 2001 was a normal year weather-wise.
38.90 per 50cl, Licores Corredera


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