Saturday, 4 May 2019

Brandy Uno en Mil Solera Gran Reserva Single Cask 16/1000 40%, Romate

Antique polished mahogany fading to amber with old gold to copper highlights.
Good fresh clean spirit whose aromas are not totally dominated by Sherry and which can speak for itself, though there is some there naturally, and quite possibly Amontillado rather than  Oloroso. It doesn´t appear to have been sweetened or if so only very sightly as there is a faint aroma of brown sugar there along with a hint of dried spices like cinnamon. This is very subtle, elegant and classy.
Remarkably harmonious, fairly light and elegant all the way through with some traces of sweetness, dried fruits and Sherry, but all very subtle, adding to - rather than dominating - a good spirit. It is very clean with distant hints of spice, cacao, tobacco and wood, and had a dry finish with considerable length leaving all sorts of complex nuances in its wake.
Sánchez Romate have long been one of the leading brandy producers in Jerez since they established the Cardenal Mendoza solera in 1888, and for which they have 1,000 numbered butts of holandas stored in their Barreras bodega. The spirit is distilled from wine made from Airén grapes, slowly and at low strength for maximum quality and flavour, and after at least 12 years of ageing, five butts are selected by the firm´s master distiller, Ricardo Real and oenologist Reyes Gómez from those individual butts which have developed the most interesting aroma and flavour profiles. These will then be bottled as one-offs, or "single oak casks" each one of which of course being unique from the others and producing about 1,000 bottles from each butt at 40%/vol. Theoretically then, every time you buy a bottle of this brandy it will be from a different cask and therefore a new experience.
28.50, Licores Corredera

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