Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Manzanilla en rama I Think saca April 2018 15%, Equipo Navazos

Bright brass tinged old gold with a trace of amber and old gold highlights.
Deep, briny and saline with yeasty hints of sour dough and slight traces of oxidation and hints of cabezuela coming through. Open, breezy with considerable complexity from the slight pasada notes which harmonise beautifully with the zestiness for a wine with real character.
Dry, full, saline and zippy with a bit of depth from the combination of cabezuela and gentle oxidative notes, along with hints of almond and butter which make this a serious wine. It has an attractive dry chalky texture and considerable length and tastes very natural, classic en rama.
This excellent Manzanilla is released only to the export markets of the UK, the US and Australia and only in half bottles. It came about some years ago after Paul Shinnie, the UK importer, asked for a genuine but slightly less extreme Manzanilla than those in the La Bota series. The wine is selected from the La Guita soleras and has an average age of four and a half years. The name "I Think" is a reference to the opening words of Charles Darwin´s seminal "On the Origin of Species".
₤12 per half bottle, Cornelius, Edinburgh


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