Monday, 6 May 2019

Fino Jaleo 2010 en rama Enero 2019 16%, Williams & Humbert

Bright light amber with old gold highlights.
Forthcoming and full, it shows the complexity a wine can develop over 8 years plus, ageing statically, with no refreshment. It is impressive that the flor lasted this long, though it was obviously thin as there are distinct oxidative notes, which add greatly to its character, but it is still Fino. There are some briny saline notes of flor and traces of almond and straw and it it is at a lovely stage of development.
Some distinct oxidative notes with toasted almond, faint traces of caramel with its slight suggestion of sweetness, straw and apple herald the imminent but slow demise of the flor and the wine heading gently, valiantly, towards Amontillado. There is quite a lot of body for a Fino and the flavour is intense, dry, textured and complex with a very long finish. Lovely.
The grapes for this superb vino de añada (vintage wine) came from W&H vineyards in the pagos Añina and Carrascal averaging 60 and 20 years old respectively. Only first pressings were used and after fermentation the musts were fortified to 15.5%, filled into 36@ ex Fino butts and left to mature statically. Flor appeared spontaneously and the wine was classified as Fino in 2016. Its development was closely monitored for a total of over 8 years. If there were more of this wine in the bodega, it would be amazing to see it develop into a natural Amontillado... 2010 was a cooler and wetter year than average and this is reflected in the character of the wine since it is a vintage, not a solera wine. 2,200 x 50cl bottles of this fascinating wine were produced. Jaleo is the cheering and clapping which accompanies a flamenco performance.
10.60 per 50 cl, Licores Corredera

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