Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Vermut Goyesco 15%, Delgado Zuleta

Pale to mid strawy gold with golden highlights and a hint of viscosity.
Fresh, light and forthcoming with notable hints of wormwood and gentian but not enough to completely obscure the Manzanilla base. There are gentle floral and citric notes and a touch of sweetness and background traces of green herbs and salinity, gently complex and very attractive.
There is sweetness present (though the bodega calls it dry), as there is in most "dry" vermouths, but it is not excessive and balances well with the light bitterness, that faint salinity and a refreshing gently fruity acidity. There are also - naturally - herbal notes on the palate and it finishes fairly dry with good length and a lingering gentian note. A very good aperitif.
This new vermouth was launched only a couple of weeks ago and looks set to be popular. The idea was to combine two of the great apéritif wines: Manzanilla and vermouth to make something really special - and the first of its kind. The base wine is of course Manzanilla, selected from the now centenarian La Goya solera, in which they macerate - separately - a range of natural extracts inspired by the flora in Sanlúcar´s special Coto Doñana environment. Naturally it contains wormwood and gentian to provide the bitterness, and botanicals such as sweet and bitter orange peels. The others are secret. Once the maceration is complete, all the aromatised wines are blended together and aged together for 6 months in ex Manzanilla butts before filtration and bottling.
13.95, De Albariza

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