Monday, 7 May 2018

7.5.18 First Biodynamic Wines in Cádiz

Many of the table wines from the province of Cádiz are produced organically, or at least as naturally as possible, but now biodynamic wine is being produced for the first timeBoth sides of Javier Guardiola’s family have long been involved with wine production. One side has been making wine near Sevilla since 1910 and the other the famous Pajarete in Villamartín since 1750. Javier, who is trained in chemistry and commerce, began biodynamic viticulture at the Finca El Higueral near Arcos de la Frontera in 2011 and grows Pinot Noir and Merlot. Many thought Pinot would be difficult as it is more of a cool climate grape, but he has had no problems so far. Both his wines, sold under the company name of Guardi Wines, contain it; Vino Amor is 100% Pinot while Barón Gracia Real is blended with Merlot. The vineyard has both Demeter and organic Certification.

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