Monday, 21 May 2018

Fino Granero 15%, Bodegas Manuel Aragón

Bright paleish lemony silvery gold.
Fresh and still with traces of ripe apple fruit and a faint tartaric-almost glacé lemon-note in the background, but also with traces of flor bitterness and a certain hint of almond. It has more depth as it opens out with hints of yeast, straw and olive brine; a classic youngish Fino from coastal vineyards.
Fresh and slightly fuller than expected, it has a lively acidity giving it zip and a gentle chalky texture along with notes of faintly bitter almond, apple, lemon peel, a certain yeastiness and a gentle briny salinity. The finish is long with an appealing dry bitter freshness.
Bodegas Manuel Aragón were founded in 1795 and are also known as "Bodegas Sanatorio". Still a family business, they are located in Chiclana and are thus in the Sherry production zone. This means that while the wine very much is Sherry, it can't be sold as such, but it can be sold to bodegas in the ageing zone and sold on as Sherry. The quality of this bodega's wines is excellent, proved by the fact that two of its old wines, bottled by Equipo Navazos scored 98 and 99 points from Robert Parker.
5,95 Licores Corredera

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