Saturday, 19 May 2018

Moscatel Heredad de Hidalgo 17%, Hidalgo La Gitana

Deep mahogany brown fading to amber at the rim, quite viscous.
Full and ripe with clear notes of sun dried pasas, hints of toffee, salted caramel - there is a faint salinity on the nose - and a trace of cinnamon, and of course notes of raisined grape, tea and orange with a slight maritime air about it.
Rich, sweet and flavourful with that lovely grape pulp texture and just enough acidity to balance. It is lighter and slightly fresher than its intensity would imply and there are notes of brown sugar, toffee and raisin. It has terrific length and leaves that lovely almost chewy texture fading slowly.
Heredad de Hidalgo is the more commercial range from this XVIII century bodega in Sanlúcar which tends to be available in supermarkets and on the export market under more than one label. The range includes Manzanilla, Fino, Cream, Pale Cream, Medium, Amontillado, PX, Oloroso and Moscatel, but is not mentioned on the firm's website probably because it is a bread and butter range and not one which attracts connoisseurs. Nonetheless this Moscatel is quite good, and  is bought in from Chipiona to top up the solera.
8.00 euros Museo Vino Mijas

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