Friday, 18 May 2018

Brandy Doscientos Solera Gran Reserva 40%, Hidalgo La Gitana

Amber tinged mahogany fading to amber with copper glints.
Full yet well rounded with a certain mellowness, it has aromas of vanilla, a hint of old oak, toasted almonds and a note of Oloroso which is not too intense, along with some dried fruit notes. All the aromas are nicely integrated and harmonious and there is a gentle hint of sweetness.
It starts well with a little sweetness making it beautifully rounded and keeps improving as its complexity comes through. If there is any aguardiente it is not noticeable, pure holandas, so it is not at all spirity and the flavours of nuts, Oloroso, caramel, vanilla, raisin and a hint of orange peel shine through. There is very little tannin so it is smooth, and very long. Delicious.
Most bodegas traditionally distilled some spirit, though nowadays most have it done for them and Hidalgo are no exception. For a long time the firm has successfully sold its Fabuloso brandy, but  with a view to celebrating their bi-centenary in 1992 they bought an ancient brandy solera from a member of the family which had lain locked away and untouched to launch something special. The spirit used to refresh the solera is pure holandas, distilled in pot stills and aged in ex Oloroso butts well over a century old. The result is superb.
28,50, Licores Corredera

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